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Gruesome Greta - Fort Bragg - 08-31-2019

Everyone's favorite Miss Asperger 2019, Gruesome Greta, sailed across the Atlantic so as to not use carbon but her crew flew back as she likely will because she now has no crew.  Her flying alone would have released much less carbon but environmental types are normally hypocrites.  And I bet she threw her turds over the side and likely choked a dolphin.


RE: Gruesome Greta - Albert Hidel - 08-31-2019

I understand that St Greta sailed to the US to marry David Hogg! Their green gun-grabbing children may be the first in history to have negative IQs.  Wonder why she didn't go someplace where she would be appreciated, like Cuba or Venezuela?

RE: Gruesome Greta - Fort Bragg - 09-01-2019

Gruesome Greta, likely the first retard who will win a Nobel Prize since Barak Obama, is 16 but dressed up to look 12.


RE: Gruesome Greta - Don Dresden - 09-01-2019

"Children of the Corn-looking weirdo"