NCU Not Financially Responsible Say Feds
Northcentral University is still a risky bet, say the feds.  The latest (updated 4/2/2015) list of schools on so-called "heightened cash monitoring" includes NCU (again), as well as some of the other usual suspects, such as Trident.

Northcentral University also made the 2012-2013 "not financially responsible" list (again), with another miserable 0.2 score.  As noted previously, anything under 1.0 is considered "not financially responsible."

Northcentral sucks on many levels, but why would you trust your education to a place with a risk of failure so extreme that even the feds can see it?  Considering that the accreditation agencies walk hand in glove with the feds, an agency of the US government telling you that a school is not financially responsible would seem to be the fundamental IQ test for college success. 

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