Gollin Brat to Marry…A Human!
Speaking of shitholes, India leads the world in open defecation! 

“India alone has an estimated 600 million people defecating openly, according to a study by the United Nations, accounting for more open defecation than any other country in the world.” Yay, India!  They’re Number One in Number Two!  Shithole refugee + shithead offspring = true love!

India sounds like the ideal place for a Gollin honeymoon and get-together with the new in-laws.  This also suggests the perfect wedding gift:


[Image: ChlamydiaWaders.jpg]

Now the Vomit-Komit family can stroll the feces-smeared streets of India in the style and comfort befitting their illustrious family tradition of ethics violations and FDA citations.  A little extra sewage on the curbs, gutters and sidewalks won’t even be noticed.

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