Unethical George Gollin Sued Again--This Time in Illinois!
(07-09-2018, 05:47 PM)Harrison J Bounel Wrote: How can they justify having this lawsuit magnet lurking around UIUC, especially when they've already been exposed for harboring other unpleasant characters in and around the physics department?  

As far as we know, unethical George Gollin hasn't been accused of kidnapping and murdering anyone--yet.  But as you note, the UIUC physics department seems to attract some of the planet's weirdest, most anti-social and demented people.  Gollin's antics have gotten people so pissed off that they are willing to go all the way to the US Supreme Court just to make a point.  The UIUC physics department claims they didn't know they were employing a kidnapping murderer, but they do know that they employ a convicted ethics violator who has been sued multiple times for civil rights violations, computer hacking, defamation and stalking, among other things, who posted 1,280 times on a gay boy pornographer's website, who admits 15 other people wrote his dissertation, who makes public death threats using a rifle sight graphic similar to that used by the Zodiac Killer, etc., etc.

[Image: stalker-2.gif?w=500]

Apparently UIUC does.  And they are willing to keep squandering many thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on legal fees to defend his attacks on poor black people.

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