Dead Assholes
(07-22-2018, 12:28 AM)Fort Bragg Wrote: The DL Hall of Shame is full of assholes who are literally or figuratively dead.  But there hasn't been significant asshole replacement. 

We could have discussions about the current location of Kizmet's balls:
A) A landfill in New Jersey

This site could use some revitalization, but the current inventory of assholes is severely restricted.  There will never be another DesElms, driving most of the way across the country, stalking people.

In theory, limited supply should raise the price of assholes.  This makes existing assholes more valuable.  So even though the current asshole inventory is restricted, the remaining assholes continue to contribute to the increased value of the Hall of Shame.  Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

The gay boy pedo porn forum still hasn't even mentioned Elmer's demise.  He obviously meant even less to them than he did to us.  The rest of them have pretty much crawled back under their rocks and hopefully will stay there for the duration.  I'd almost be tempted to call this a job well done.

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