Porn Peddler Chip White MIA?
(05-20-2020, 08:44 PM)Herbert Spencer Wrote: Not that anybody would miss the sicko, but gay boy porn peddler and quack enema maven Thomas Vernon "Chip" White has not posted at his porn front operation since December 26, 2018, nor has he been seen on the board since August 16, 2019.  Insiders report he is not answering emails either.  One can only hope that the answer lies at the bottom of Folsom Lake.  Worms gotta eat too!

Gone, or just dead?  Or who cares?

Quote:Chip was last seen: Aug 16, 2019

Link to Chip's most recent post, December 26, 2018:

Since my original post on May 20, 2020, this is the only change in Pornmeister Chip's profile at Toelicker Talk:

Quote:Chip was last seen: May 21, 2020

Still no posts since December 26, 2018.

So if he wasn't dead then, is he dead now?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Come on, Covid, do your thang!

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