Gus Sainz, another platinum member of the coveted DI/DD clique, must have very big closets at home.
He still likes to play the sheriff riding in town OVER THE INTERNET, while he is litigating himself with primary financial institutions over the forfeiture of his business & other "questionable" financial operations of his.
Very good, guys...
With your sound and crystal clear morals and conduct, you truly make anyone ashamed of being a "nazi" or buying a milled degree.

.htm   GUS SAINZ FRAUDSTER INDEBTED DEGREEINFO.htm (Size: 20.55 KB / Downloads: 14)
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore

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