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(09-18-2011, 04:46 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Holy shit!

Well said, Ben. Big Grin

In the interests of public safety, here's a transcription of the original posts, so that search engines can find the content. We wouldn't want anyone researching DesElms and his fiduciary breaches (!) to have any difficulty locating the facts.

uncle janko Wrote:Gregg DesElms showed up totally unannounced at my house this afternoon and spoke at me for more than two hours. This is extremely strange and I hope it never happens again. If I hadn’t been here I would not have believed it. The conversation was civil and I hope unrepeated, ever. I really thought he was dead.

John Bear Wrote:How very extraordinary.

Could you say a little about his motive or agenda? I ask in part because of sheer curiosity and in part because if he did this to you, I think it is predictable that he may do it to George G. and/or me. (He did make several passes at Marina on the two occasions when we met in person, 2 or 3 years ago.)



uncle janko Wrote:He said that my identifying him as the person who “outed” [redacted] (a deeply hating prep school teacher known as rocco, mrs rocco, etc on degreeinfo and likely as [redacted] on dl truth (sic) would make him ineligible to be a lawyer in California because of my publicising his fiduciary breach [as moderator of Twinkorama] in giving me this information. [I neglected to raise the fiduciary breach issue about Chip’s doubledealing, because DesElms’ special fetish is spouting legalese, and I wanted him out of my house ASAP].

He wanted me to withdraw the offending post (which I don’t remember at this moment) because the untold millions out there will shy away from doing business with him unless he got me to do this.

He also said that Gus told him to make me withdraw the post, that he was going to contact you, John, and George Gollin about some new grand distance learning venture, and he gave me a big lecture about my cultural problems in thinking ephebophile gay porn was not really a good thing. He said that he and his girlfriend got married but that he has been wandering around all over the country, staying at a Lutheran monastery near Pontiac, selling his now dead mother’s house in Gary. He also wanted to know if a visit to Robert Ray Hill by him would help reconcile things and make Hill be nicer, and whether I though he should visit James Crabb and Dennis Ruhl, since these weren’t really long drives, etc., etc.

There was also a lot of maundering and evasiveness about his “disappearance”. He was shocked that I did not recognise him (I had never seen a photo of him, nor ever seen him in person, needless to say—and hope I never do again.

I am very ill with this parkinsonoid disorder and fibromyalgia, plus trying to finish up the diss (thanks for the bindery info, John!), plus at length successfully fending off the extortionist/fundamentalist wannabe element in mybelovedwisconsinsynod, which wants to squeeze money by threats and charges of “disloyalty” from my church. I needed two hours + with DesElms like a kick in the teeth. I kept it cordial and pretty nonconfrontational, letting his numerous guilt-trip attempts wash off just as I did similar guilt-trip attempts from prisoners when I was a prison chaplain; the more whining, the more hideous the crime was a weirdly accurate rule of thumb.

He got angry when I refused to give him my e-mail address and said I would not talk with him on the phone. I told him to PM me here if he had something to say, provided he altered Gus ahead of time. I did not in any way encourage him to post here, and indeed discouraged him from doing so. We have Myles Calvin; we don’t need a major-league folie-de-grandeurist.

He also refused to say exactly what he is doing for a living as he spends months wanering all over North America.

A dear friend of mine in Vancouver is manic-depressive, and once drove from Vancouver to New York to see Ismar Schorsch at the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC (unannounced).

John Bear Wrote:Thanks for sharing this, John.

After our various communications 3 years ago, Marina called Gregg a broken machine. And he still is, it seems clear.

My belief is that he is not anywhere remotely near being a California lawyer. I think he may have taken a few correspondence courses some years ago, but nothing more.

Binding: I would be really pleased, honored even, to go into the dissertation bindery in Berkeley – it’s only a block from the campus, and I welcome all excuses to hang out in their vicinity – and collect information and, if you wish, walk your project through the process there.

Cordially, John

uncle janko Wrote:Your wife is a smart lady, John. (But you knew that.)

DesElms trying very hard to play lawyer is like Myles Calvin trying very hard to play clergyman; I just don’t get it, I just don’t get it at all. And DesElms still blames all of us for upsetting him, and that vehemently and at interminable length.

The whole episode was like an evening at Berchtesgaden, minus the Bruckner and the scenery.

I’m still shocked and appalled that someone like that would just show up. From California fer Chrissakes. When I told him he could stay twenty minutes (yesterday was a bad day for me physically) he then “wouldn’t leave my house”. I asked him repeatedly to go and it was more than two hours before he left.

It reminded me very uncomfortably of the time a woman who had tried to strangle her teenage son barricaded herself in my garage—and the cops wouldn’t come. Had to get her out myself and the miserable woman was armed. Scared the crap out of me.

My advice: if you see a guy who looks vaguely like Rob Reiner at your front door, and it’s NOT Rob Reiner, tell him you’re not home.

And, yes, I expect once I get the all-clear from my diss director I’ll take you up on your very kind offer. I’ll let you know as soon as that happens.


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