'Ain't Come to Play School'
Regionally accredited Ohio State QB lets it slip...the Gold Standard ain't about school. The coach values integrity.....it's being honest he don't like so much.

When is someone going to notice that big time NCAA football ain't wearing no clothes? When you're just a minor league development program for the NFL, classes really are pointless.

Quote:Ohio State Suspends QB Cardale Jones for Tweeting Classes Are Pointless
By Mike Hoag Jr. on October 6, 2012

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones has been suspended for Saturday night’s contest against the Nebraska Cornhuskers after tweeting that classes were pointless.

Jones, the team’s third-string quarterback, voiced his opinion that classes are pointless and that he only came to Ohio State to play football on Friday morning via Twitter.

That tweet, shown below, earned him a night off as the No. 12-ranked Buckeyes take on the No. 21-ranked Cornhuskers in prime time Saturday night.

[Image: cordalejones_original_original.jpg?1349567281]

As a result of the national recognition of the remarks, the freshman Buckeye’s Twitter account has been taken down.

While it may have been a childish and harmless act, players must understand the level of scrutiny they are under. The Ohio State football program is represented by the comments its players make through social media.

That’s why the school took action.

Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch contacted the school after noticing Jones was absent from warm-ups on Saturday night.

Ohio State confirmed to Rabinowitz that Jones was suspended for the game. ...

As a freshman, Jones’ playing time has been nonexistent, as he is third on the depth chart and still learning head coach Urban Meyer’s system. Meyer values integrity, and he’s sure to remember this incident when making decisions about Jones’ playing time in the future.

Junior second-string quarterback Kenny Guiton has looked sharp in backing up starter Braxton Miller. His job looks secure from the athletic, 6'5" freshman Jones for the immediate future due to these recent developments.

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