'Ain't Come to Play School'
It really makes it hard on kids who really want a career in sports management/coaching or whatever. They actually take the courses seriously, do the work, learn the material and guess what? Because so many colleges (yes RA) require their sports heroes pass by simply showing up and staying awake in class that everyone is reduced who has such course work. Does this cheat the real students? Yes, of course it does. But it's RA isn't it, and if we believe John Bear that's all that matters, YEAH RIGHT.

I remember one case where several people who had sports type degrees put in applications for a parks management position and the city was unable to tell who was legitimate and who wasn't. They finally got a local high school teacher to interview them and only two out of more than a dozen applicants could operate at a high school level, and these were all so called college degree holders. I guess it does matter if an RA degree comes from a real school or a football factory.

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