Is done?
Mr. Johnson and Mr. or Ms. H lead from a position of ignorance, and launch their usual invective based on that. It is well known and well established in the world of higher education that "Communication" and "Communications" are as different as astrology and astronomy. A simple Google search for "communication vs. communications" will find hundreds of articles and essays explaining the difference. 

Communication is advanced academic study including semiotics, information theory, research design and methodology, advanced statistics, linguistics, transpersonal psychology, symbolic logic, and a great deal more.

Communications is the trade and technology realm, including journalism, advertising, marketing, writing, editing, indexing, public relations, photography, web design, and a great deal more.

Thank you for your attention.
John Bear
(03-14-2015, 01:22 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Communications/Communication - my dick isn't short enough to perceive the difference.

Klempner breaks out the magnifying glass and tweezers, demonstrates his is.

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