Gollin Brat To Poland

Winston, as usual... is again...the sound voice of hilarity!
(07-06-2012, 05:27 AM)Don Dresden Wrote: [Image: ChlamydiaFacebook17.jpg]
Will that be one hump or two?

The Gollin Beast certainly looks distinguished in that blonde goatee. Definitely a better look than the wilted flower costume.

Looks like it found its Ukrainian shawl too. How nice. Who or what is that sitting on its back? Something escape from the Special Olympics?
You know what...you know how you-know-who always whine about essentialism. I mean, why HAS the African dude TO forcefully like watermelon and rap, or the Chinese guy szechuan soup? Perhaps the Chinese guy loves tamalitos and the African dude loves fado after all...
Just when you try to make yourself like the concept, here it comes...Poland, Ukraine, El-Al...I am speechless.
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LMAO! Blonde goatee...lmao!....Armando..Ham..you're killin me....I laughed so hard with the van-dyke line, I almost soiled my sarong!

You have to wonder how completely brain-dead this Gollin clan is...you would think the daughter would realize that posting this stuff on the net is gonna be cannon fodder on DL...you would think the dad would pull his head out of his well-stuffed ass, and tell his kid..."don't post for awhile, you're gonna get slammed".....Noooooooo!......these clods continue to post these asinine photos and get "drilled" again...as usual...LMAO!.....you can't make this sh#@ up!
Chlamydia Wrote:Cordelia Afalafala

I credit my Midwestern upbringing for getting me through my 30 minute EL AL interview with a smile on my face. In other news, safe in Be'er Sheva!

Share · June 29 at 2:39am ·

Can you imagine how that interview went? With apologies to Bob Newhart, I think it might have gone something like this...

El Al Agent: What is your destination?

Chlamydia: Motherfuckin Israel!

El Al Agent: And you are American?

Chlamydia: Fuck yeah.

El Al Agent: But you are departing from Poland. What are you doing here?

Chlamydia: Teaching fucking English.

El Al Agent: Were you an English major in college?

Chlamydia: Fuck no.

El Al Agent: What did you study?

Chlamydia: Fucking Gay Studies, with a fucking double minor in anilingus and cunnilingus, a fucking specialization in pedophilia, a fucking dual emphasis in necrophilia and bestiality, and a...

El Al Agent: Enough. What is your purpose in visiting Israel?

Chlamydia: To ride a fucking camel.

El Al Agent: Do I detect the smell of sulphur emanating from your undergarments?

Chlamydia: No, it's this fucking hygiene issue I have. My daddy says I'm very, very messy.

El Al Agent: Who's your daddy?

Chlamydia: The fucking milkman, I think. My fucking birth certificate says it's George Gollin.

El Al Agent: And what does he do?

Chlamydia: As little as fucking possible.

El Al Agent: No, I mean who is his employer?

Chlamydia: The fucking stupid taxpayers of motherfuckin Illinois.

El Al Agent: What does he do for Illinois?

Chlamydia: Not a fucking thing. His fucking grad assistants do it all.

El Al Agent: So he's a teacher of some sort?

Chlamydia: When he's not on fucking sabbatical or fucking around on the internet stalking innocent people or getting fucking sued over and over again in fucking federal court for civil rights violations, stalking, defamation, and extortion, sometimes he fucking manages to work it into his schedule...
sulfur?!.....did you say SULFUR!....LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... that means "rotten eggs" Kate! Funniest post yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
ROTFLMAO!....hygiene issue?.....somebody just got royally lambasted...bigtime!
(07-09-2012, 11:49 PM)4Knee Kate Wrote: El Al Agent: Who's your daddy? ...

El Al Agent: And what does he do?

I think I've seen that guy before somewhere...

The Gollin Beast took an excursion to Sarajevo in February, staying at the sort of zero-star hotels that only a gay studies major could appreciate. Lots of body hair in the sheets, but apparently even the bed bugs couldn't palate that putrid Gollin epidermis.

Quote:Hostel Heart of Sarajevo Reviews
S.H.Muvekita 2, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 71000

49% sezin hekimoglu
Posted on 30/07/2013
With friends / other travellers

Liked: the location was good

Disliked: I started my 9 days trip from Sarajevo and I spend first night there,actually I couldn't! because I couldn't sleep because of the itches during the night.First I tought that it was "slient" mosquitos but in the morning I saw the painful truth; all of my body was ruin,full of (more than 200) bite marks. Except the bad mood, I had to go to the doctor and pay extra money, I couldn't sunbath during my summer holiday,I had itchy marks all over my body! The hostel has bedbugs,and not warm/careful owners..I do not suggest this hostel!

Stayed on 20/07/2013

49% Cordelia Loots-Gollin
Posted on 23/02/2013
With friends / other travellers

Liked: The owner was very helpful in recommending affordable dinner options in the old part of Sarajevo. The wifi worked. Good mattresses.

Disliked: The number of hairs on the sheets and pillows in our room suggested that the staff do not always wash the bedding in between guests. After checking out, we returned briefly to collect our bags and saw that the beds were remade, but clearly with the same blankets and pillow cases that we had used. Additionally, the staff smokes on the ground floor. If you are used to smoking, this is probably fine, but it was extremely unpleasant for non-smokers as the building lacks adequate ventilation. The living room upstairs smelled strongly of cigarette smoke. We were provided with small lockers and keys, but no key to the door of our room.

Stayed on 19/02/2013
(08-23-2013, 11:04 AM)Harrison J Bounel Wrote: The Gollin Beast took an excursion to Sarajevo in February, staying at the sort of zero-star hotels that only a gay studies major could appreciate. Lots of body hair in the sheets, but apparently even the bed bugs couldn't palate that putrid Gollin epidermis.

Probably a step up from its accommodations at the Gollin Plantation. I believe even gender confused transients prefer the risk of hematophagous insects to sharing a domicile with George Gollin.

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