It's funny-By John Bear
I remember John telling a short story he thought was very funny. It was about a Ph.D. student at Greenwich. The student needed a doctorate for some reason and got in touch with Bear. They worked out the details and the student was awarded the diploma in slightly under 30 days. John giggled as he wondered what an accreditor would have said about this. He of course defended it as being a completely honest and good process. But, he still did the girly giggle thing.

But here is the thing about this little event. Why was it funny in the first place and why the smirk and smile. If anyone else had done this Bear would have been on fire ranting and raving about mills. According to Bear it is possible to honestly grant life experience degrees in thirty days (if he is the one doing it). Ok, then why does he make such a big joke of others who mention similar such actions. He of course made light of his own actions ( just a little bit of course, though he let one know it wasn't something he thought much of or spent much time considering the action.

It seems to me that Bear always took the subject as something to do with a wink and a nod. He was never really serious about the small private dl schools. Just something to dabble in and make some bucks. Of course that's little comfort to the people spending thousands of dollars on his little boy hi-jinks.

He asked one student from a small dl school ( state licensed ) how he could be proud of a degree from that school. Guess what? Bear had listed the school as one of the best schools in America and even told the student it was a decent choice.

Bear has some balls. Tells you soup is good for you and then laughs at you when you eat it. What a great man he is. Don't believe me. Then just ask him. Sad

Taking a serious look at Bear is like picking up a handful of Jello. No matter how hard you squeeze it gets away.
I remember many years ago Bear/Klempner was stating that "ANY" credential, e.g. regionally accrdited certificate of completion, certificate of accomplishment, diploma, A.A. et al....were "always" better than any bachelor or masters degree from a state approved/non RA school! Words to that effect... This guy is truly delusional... I wonder if he believes all of those foolish things he says? I can only hope that when Bear/Klempner's head stops' spinning his face is to the front again!...
Greenwich is not a Diploma Mill...

... I mean if it was founded by Dr Bear than it has to be legit, right?

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

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Bear loves to champion John Gray...the quack pop-psychologist, who wrote "Men are from Mars women are from Venus". This book and others that Gray has penned later, are a load of "rubbish", that the mental health community laughs at and ridicules with delight and scorn. Bear was crowing once, how John Gray was a graduate of Columbia Pacific, and how he had made his mark in the literary world with these books! Claiming and crowing how Gray had sold millions of copies! Gray received a PhD from this "crappy" diploma Mill". Only Bear would "champion" garbage like this!...these books are total crap! Dr. Sam Vaknin, a brilliant PhD from Pacific Western University wrote the definitive monograph on "narcissistic personality disorder"'s title is "Malignant Self Love". Psychiatrist's and mental health professional's in this country and abroad, marvel at the clarity and crystal clear summation that Dr. Vaknin employs, in discussing and defining this personality disorder. The book is not only a marvelous clinical treatise, why even a layman with little or no background in psychology can still appreciate and understand with a high degree of certainty. I have a copy of this book, read it twice and believe me...Gray can only "aspire" to write something so scientifically sound and erudite as Dr. Vaknin's work. Once again, PWU thoroughly trumps Columbia Pacific, the "ultimate" unabashed diploma mill" outgrowth of Bear and his cronies...epic fail for Bear again...ROTFLOL!
One more thing....Pacific Western University (BPPE) approved changed it's name and became California Miramar University, it became DETC Accredited and has "full institutional approval" from the BPPE in California. Bear/Klempner...his crappy school, Columbia Pacific University...was shut down down by court order in Sacramento by the state D.A., who lovingly referred to this "$hithole of a school" as a DIPLOMA MILL, right before they SHUT IT DOWN FOR QUACKERY! True dat...
I saw Klempner interviewed by some English student(?) on the net...regarding the University of Wales and it's association with a Bible College in Indiana, that is not accredited. Boy, Klempner looked fat and "starched" in this laughable photo-op. He waddled like a "stuffed penguin" when ambulating (LOL)! Klempner though was quite eager to discuss the lack of accreditation this school had, and how it had duped a "legitimate" University, like the one in Wales, all the while declaring the school to be a "mill", words to that effect. What Klempner forgot to mention was his own nefarious involvement with the "diploma mill" racket! My, sly and crafty Klempner has become...seems this interviewer was completely clueless of the duplicity in Bear's murky background with "less than wonderful schools"...ROTFLMAO! This was the most stilted, absurd tit-bit of nonsense I've seen on the net... Google this rubbish and see for yourself. Bear looks like something that was stuffed with "excelsior" and coated with "dummy wax"...still LMAO!
(07-12-2012, 11:36 AM)bigfoot Wrote: I saw Klempner interviewed by some English student(?) on the net...regarding the University of Wales and it's association with a Bible College in Indiana, that is not accredited. Boy, Klempner looked fat and "starched" in this laughable photo-op. He waddled like a "stuffed penguin" when ambulating (LOL)!

Your recollection is correct, bigfoot. We covered that in this thread. The numbnuts narrator referred to Cal as "Berkeley University." Klempner is standing in front of the library with his arms crossed, looking like a dingo just ate his baby.
LMAO dingo bait! guys are always a step ahead of me WW...
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Leave me alone, you bastards, will ya?
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Oh my God! A dingo ate my baby!

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