FRC Shooter Has RA Masters Degree
Oh yeah, that's the physique of an RA physical education teacher. Rolleyes

Involved with pervert groups on campus? Just the sort of guy we want hanging around the school boys' showers. Rolleyes The Gold Standard strikes again!

[Image: Floyd-Corkins.jpeg]

Quote:Parents of Floyd Corkins II tell FBI that their son has 'strong opinions' about those he believes do not treat homosexuals respectfully
8:40 PM, Aug 16, 2012

HERNDON, Va. (WUSA) -- More details are shedding some light on the accused Family Research Council shooter, Floyd Corkins II. The 28-year-old graduated from [regionally accredited] G[eorge] M[ason] U[niversity] six years ago. He holds a teaching license in physical education. He was involved in gay, lesbian bisexual transgender groups on campus and he volunteers at the DC Center for GLBT.

His Facebook page had no picture. It indicates he has 12 friends and likes men.

According to an FBI affidavit, Corkins' parents informed FBI agents that their son has "strong opinions with respect to those he believes do not treat homosexuals in a fair manner."

Corkins lives with his parents in Herndon. His parents told the FBI that their son left the home at 9 Wednesday morning. He allegedly went to a Chik-fil-A before getting on Metro. One employee at the Reston Chik-fil-A tells 9News she remembers a man ordering 15 sandwiches Wednesday morning. But when she told him it would take 15 minutes, the man said he didn't want to wait that long and left.

The restaurant chain was recently embroiled in controversy involving a senior executive who made comments opposing same-sex marriage.

In a statement about the shooting incident the restaurant chain wrote:
"Chick-fil-A has not been contacted by the authorities in relation to the incident at Family Research Council headquarters yesterday. Because it is a police matter and we do not yet know the facts, we would prefer not to speculate on the issue. Our thoughts are with the security guard who was injured in the incident and his family."

Quote:...Six years ago, Corkins earned an advanced degree from a college not far from that home. "We can confirm that Floyd Corkins graduated from [regionally accredited] George Mason with a master's degree from our college of education and human development," said [regionally accredited] George Mason University spokesman Dan Walsch. ...
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