'Ain't Come to Play School'
Regionally accredited Ohio State QB lets it slip...the Gold Standard ain't about school. The coach values integrity.....it's being honest he don't like so much.

When is someone going to notice that big time NCAA football ain't wearing no clothes? When you're just a minor league development program for the NFL, classes really are pointless.

Quote:Ohio State Suspends QB Cardale Jones for Tweeting Classes Are Pointless
By Mike Hoag Jr. on October 6, 2012

Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones has been suspended for Saturday night’s contest against the Nebraska Cornhuskers after tweeting that classes were pointless.

Jones, the team’s third-string quarterback, voiced his opinion that classes are pointless and that he only came to Ohio State to play football on Friday morning via Twitter.

That tweet, shown below, earned him a night off as the No. 12-ranked Buckeyes take on the No. 21-ranked Cornhuskers in prime time Saturday night.

[Image: cordalejones_original_original.jpg?1349567281]

As a result of the national recognition of the remarks, the freshman Buckeye’s Twitter account has been taken down.

While it may have been a childish and harmless act, players must understand the level of scrutiny they are under. The Ohio State football program is represented by the comments its players make through social media.

That’s why the school took action.

Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch contacted the school after noticing Jones was absent from warm-ups on Saturday night.

Ohio State confirmed to Rabinowitz that Jones was suspended for the game. ...

As a freshman, Jones’ playing time has been nonexistent, as he is third on the depth chart and still learning head coach Urban Meyer’s system. Meyer values integrity, and he’s sure to remember this incident when making decisions about Jones’ playing time in the future.

Junior second-string quarterback Kenny Guiton has looked sharp in backing up starter Braxton Miller. His job looks secure from the athletic, 6'5" freshman Jones for the immediate future due to these recent developments.
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g-d bless America for having given us blessed Lincoln...
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The kid told the truth. He has no desire to be educated and even if he did his degree in sports something or other or perhaps criminal justice would be of little use. Everyone knows how these degree programs are set up. If you can walk and talk at the same time you can pass the well rehearsed and practiced tests. Can't read well, no problem, can't remember, still, no problem. They just read you the test and make minor corrections to make sure you have passed. So much for RA.

Schools are setting up degree programs that the lowest functioning moron could pass. All that matters to them is beat State, WHOEVER THAT HAPPENS TO BE.

And they tell us how much better their RA degrees are, yeah right. Just listen to some of these jocks talk and tell me that this has anything to do with education. Any accreditor that would accredit a school that has these laughable degree programs is bottom end.
Dexter Manley was an all-pro defensive end with the Washington Redskins. Dexter played in 4 super bowls and has 3 super bowl rings. he was one of the most feared defensive players of his generation...he was lethal, and feared by offensive lineman and especially opposing quarterback's (LOL!) I remember this beast well, he was fearsome...the only player that was scarier was Lawrence Taylor...Now the bad news...Dexter graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelors degree in education...the "bad news" is... he was a "functioning illiterate" who could not even spell his own name! He couldn't read, nor could he write...he graduated from high school with a diploma and even sports a B.A. from Oklahoma State...in of all things EDUCATION!..."oh the irony"...
Wonderful organization called the "National Student Clearinghouse"...this agency can provide a client with information concerning prospective students, who may or may not have graduated from high school or college. They confirm whether or not a person actually "has the credentials" they claim. I heard that a man in Oregon was busted for fraud and forgery, after he claimed he was a graduate from the University of Washington, after the state of Oregon had just hired him to be the state librarian, he provided a phony masters degree that was never conferred by the state of Washington...he was some German guy I think....Ain't life grand!
It really makes it hard on kids who really want a career in sports management/coaching or whatever. They actually take the courses seriously, do the work, learn the material and guess what? Because so many colleges (yes RA) require their sports heroes pass by simply showing up and staying awake in class that everyone is reduced who has such course work. Does this cheat the real students? Yes, of course it does. But it's RA isn't it, and if we believe John Bear that's all that matters, YEAH RIGHT.

I remember one case where several people who had sports type degrees put in applications for a parks management position and the city was unable to tell who was legitimate and who wasn't. They finally got a local high school teacher to interview them and only two out of more than a dozen applicants could operate at a high school level, and these were all so called college degree holders. I guess it does matter if an RA degree comes from a real school or a football factory.
Why don't major universities which tout their athletic programs just drop the pretense that these "student" athletes are actually there to learn stuff? Hell, its unfair to these guys to force them to go to classes and not even bother paying them to play ball.

I understand why it is that college sports exist. Its not about benefiting the young athletes, its all about getting alums to donate large sums of cash.
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