Misogynist George Gollin Caught Stalking Female Candidate
Now Gollin is using his bald noggin.  The one and only area where he beats Ann Callis in the eyes of his fellow Dims:  She's pretty!  They hate that!  He's ugly, just like them!

Ann Callis: 2Hot4Congress

Gollin's new career as a fake politician is going about as well as his old career as a fake diploma mill expert. The comments he's getting on his sleazy, lying, distorted campaign ads are about the same as he got on his sleazy, lying, distorted accreditation pronouncements on the discussion boards. Even scumbags like Little Dick Durbin think Gollin is a scumbag.

Let's hope Little Dick will hold his breath until Gollin does the "honorable thing." There's a first time for everything, but for Gollin we won't be expecting it during this lifetime.

Quote:“I am so disappointed in George Gollin and his dishonest campaign,” Durbin, D-Ill., said in quote provided by the Callis campaign. “Ann Callis is a true advocate (for) seniors and middle-class families. Exaggerations and allegations that take statements out of context have no place in our Democratic primaries. I hope George Gollin will do the honorable thing and take this desperate attack off the air.”
. . .
Michael Carrigan, president of the Illinois AFL-CIO, also criticized the Gollin ad as “clearly misleading” and “totally unwarranted,” according to the Callis campaign. Carrigan said Callis “has the support of thousands of working men and women in Illinois because she is a true fighter for the middle class and will protect Social Security and Medicare.”


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