On Going problems at GCU
My name is Timothy Jackson and KERRY GIORDANO, STUDENT RESOLUTION was my student liaison also. Since 2010 I have had nothing but problems with this university. I was removed from GCU for 4 months and now that I have met all of my required courses and credits they are saying that I and 2 credits short from finishing how is this possible when I have 122 credits and the requirement is 120? I have many letters and dates as to what has been going on since my enrollment at this university. I need Help. I should have finished at GCU in September of 2013 it is now 2014 and they want me to take an additional 4 more classes! WTF

As of 3-31-2014 I was to start the new classes for a prom change at GCU. This changes usually takes 24 hours however 2 full weeks later I am still not in class and my academic/financial counselor has even stated: "I have never seen a program change take this long". This has been an on going problem since I have enrolled at GCU. Last year my stipend release was 2 months behind it's normal scheduled release date and to date, GCU has given me no explanation. I have many letters stating the many ongoing problems I have had at GCU. I need Help!!!!!
Sorry to read about your trouble with Grand Scamyon. Suggest you join the (currently) 209 people in the last 3 years who filed complaints against them with the BBB.

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