Gus Fleeing the Country?
Quote:Gus Sainz
Montreal, QC, Canada
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Employment History
Headquarters Address:

1200 McGill College Ave. 11Th Floor
Montreal, QC H3B 4G7
Fax:  (514) 395-9982

Now it could just be that zoominfo managed to cross link Gus's failed Medilogic in Florida with another Medilogic in another country.  

But then how to explain this?  Doing a Google search for the terms "Gus Sainz" and "free prescriptions" yields this disturbing result:

Quote:*** Hydrocodone apap 7.5500 *** Dr. Gus Sainz, free prescriptions ...Hydrocodone apap 7.5500, fda approved drugs, free medical consultation, cod and free shipping available, compare prices before you buy, - 8k - Cached - Similar pages

What's up with that?  "Dr." Gus Sainz????  I don't think that 110-day TESC humanities BA is quite on a par with a doctorate, even if Gus does.  But since when do medical equipment salesmen peddle prescription drugs?  Let's hope this is another internet mixup and not a sign that Gus is resorting to illegal activities to finance his extravagant Miami lifestyle.
I think the listing is a screw up. We now know that he stole his company name from the square-heads.

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