Gollin Brat Now A Quaker
[Image: ChlamydiaFacebook03.jpg][Image: Quaker_Eat_Me.png]

No, not that kind.  Chlamydia Looots-Hyphen, the self-described “lesbian cheerleader” offspring of stalker George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin) is now attending the University of Pennsylvania.

The UPenn “Quaker” mascot is apparently modeled after Jay Leno’s chin and Angus Young’s wardrobe.
[Image: Drexel%20dragon%20and%20quaker.png]
The prancing Quaker--gay enough for a Gollin!

Chlamydia Loots-Hyphen-Gollin visits Chinatown in the city of brotherly love, accompanied (naturally) only by other alleged females.
[Image: Chlamydia47.jpg]

[Image: ChlamydiaDirectory.jpg]

Apparently all the places in the Crotch Studies department were filled, so it had to settle for the social work curriculum instead.  Certainly it is looking forward to graduating with a doctorate in a topic that renders it completely unemployable in the real world.  To be followed in due course by a lifetime of that great Gollin family tradition: leeching off taxpayers.

[Image: ChlamydiaNewFamily.jpg]

Check out who is the “New Parent Fellow” at the UPenn Family Resource Center.  It must have thought it was signing up to get some new parents.  Who can blame it for trying?

[Image: ChrlamydiaDonations.jpg]


It looks like it met its goal:  absolutely nothing!  Good god, y’all.  Continuing in the footsteps of dear old dad, grabbing the glory while letting others foot the bill.
(10-01-2014, 08:14 AM)Yancy Derringer Wrote: Chlamydia Loots-Hyphen-Gollin visits Chinatown in the city of brotherly love, accompanied (naturally) only by other alleged females.
[Image: Chlamydia47.jpg]
Pretty sure the one on the left is a guy. 

(10-01-2014, 08:14 AM)Yancy Derringer Wrote: It must have thought it was signing up to get some new parents.  Who can blame it for trying?

That might explain the social worker major.  It can go back to IL and get daddy dearest committed.
The GB looks mighty cozy with that Chinese gal.  I wonder what she's whispering in her ear?

[Image: ChlamydiaCopsAFeel.jpg]

GB:  Wanna 69?
CG:  Broccoli and beef?!?

GB:  You're cute.  What's your phone number?
CG:  Sex! Sex! Sex! Free sex tonight!
GB:  Wow! That's what I like to hear!
CG:  No, you stupid dyke, I said 666-3629.

GB:  If I spin you around will you become disoriented?

CG: How you know it was Chinaman rob your house?
GB: My homework was done, my computer was upgraded, but two hours later the fucker was still trying to back out of the driveway.

CG: Why you punch me in nose?
GB: You bombed Pearl Harbor.
CG: Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, not Chinese.
GB: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, all the same.

GB: Hey, why did you punch me in the nose?
CG: Jews sink Titanic.
GB: That was a fucking iceberg!
CG: Iceberg, Greenberg, Goldberg, all the same.

GB:  Why do you wear those thick glasses.  Do you have a cataract?
CG:  I don't have cataract, I have Rincon Continental.

CG: Last week I change 2100 yuan, get $300.  This week I change 2100 yuan, why I only get $275? 
GB: Fluctuations.
CG: Fluc you Amelicans too!
For some reason, I had a hard time figuring out which one was the least ugly.

I think it is the linebacker on the left.
Chinese Gal:  Not to touch me! You have Ed Zachary Disease.

Gollin Brat:  What the fuck is Ed Zachary Disease?

Chinese Gal: You face rook Ed Zachary rike you ass!

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