Gollin Nephew Out?
Lucas Hoepfl, a.k.a. Lucas Joseph Gollin-Hoepfl, the son of the sister of disgraced stalker George Gollin, appears to be giving away more than a few hints about his sexual orientation--or should we say disorientation?

Given that George Gollin’s daughter Chlamydia Loots-Gollin has been out of the closet for many years as a self-proclaimed “Radical Lesbian Cheerleader” as well as a lustfully active member of the “Gay Straight Alliance,” it should be no surprise that depravity seems to run in the genes of all the Gollin offspring.

[Image: hoepflbrony.jpg]
It’s a village in Poland. Yeah, right. Rolleyes

In case the “Brony” shirt didn’t give it away completely, the latest posts at his Facebook page seem to underline the point. He signed the petition to “Protect LGBT Youth from Conversion Efforts.”  Since selfish, self-serving self-interest is always the primary Gollin motivation, it seems pretty clear why he did that.

[Image: hoepflgay01.jpg]

And look who was invited to join the “Greater Dayton GLSEN Student Committee.”
[Image: hoepflgay02.jpg]

Is Lucas Hoepfl really a pole smoker, or just planning a run for Congress like dear old Uncle George? Happy fisting, Gollin pervs!

[Image: GeorgeGollinBitesTheBigOne.jpg][Image: GollinPervertParade03.jpg]
[Image: GollinPervertParade03.jpg]

If Gollin was really as big a pervert as everyone says, he wouldn't need his hands to hold up that sign.
Isn’t Mother Nature amazing?  When she fucks up and creates a pernicious pestilence like the gollins she immediately invokes the gay gene to keep them from procreating.  
What's with the black dudes at the gay protest? There ain't no such thing as queer black dudes. They must be misguided in their attempt to pick up white chicks.

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