Campus Carry Solution to Campus Shootings
Not sure why it took him 11 years to fully comprehend the obvious, but better late than never.  Maybe a few more of the drones will join him.

Hope he's tenured, or he'll need to go back to practicing law.  The vindictiveness of the libtard loons in academia knows no bounds.

Quote:Law Professor: Campus Carry ‘The Common Sense Solution’ to Campus Shootings

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by AWR Hawkins    9 Oct 2015

On October 9 Charles Haywood–Purdue University associate professor of business law–contended that “the common sense solution” to campus shootings is campus carry, a mechanism that allows students and faculty the legal avenue of being armed on campus for self-defense.

Haywood has been teaching at Purdue for eleven years. He said that after the Umpqua Community College attack it dawned on him that his students are sitting ducks and he would “be helpless to defend them” if someone stormed his classroom.

Writing in The Exponent, Haywood said he has a concealed carry permit but is not allowed to carry his gun on campus for self-defense. He says the time has come to do away with this ban so that law-abiding citizens have a fighting chance in the event of an attack.

Haywood admitted that emotion plays into decision making when guns and school campuses are discussed in the same sentence, so he is asking people to step back and think rationally about campus carry. He offers three questions for people to ask themselves: “What’s the problem Purdue’s policy is designed to solve? What are the benefits of the policy? What are the costs?”

He quickly shows that the problem with banning campus carry is the simple reality that criminals do not recognize the ban, therefore it “will never stop premeditated murders, whether small or mass.” So it does not solve anything.

As to the second question–which was partially answered with the first question–Haywood points to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention numbers which show “[concealed carry] permit holders commit crimes at a rate of 22.3 crimes of any type per 100,000 people, compared to a rate of 3,813 per 100,000 people in the general population.” In others, they are characterized by law-abiding tendencies.
He says this shows that people who want campus carry banned to keep concealed carry permit holders from committing campus crimes really have no evidence to support their position.

Lastly, Haywood addresses the cost of banning campus carry at Purdue thus:

Quote:As to costs of banning concealed carry, on a normal day there are minimal costs. [But] it’s on the not-normal days that the costs become incalculable. A nearby concealed carry holder at Umpqua, a college that formally banned all guns, could have ended the shooting. If Chris Mintz, who charged the gunman and got shot seven times, had instead had a gun, the Umpqua story would have ended differently.

These points are all part of Haywood’s rational appeal for campus carry at Purdue, And when you get down to it, what Haywood is really doing is simply asking the university to give law-abiding students permission to defend their lives in the face of danger.

Haywood said: “Concealed carry holders have stopped and deterred shootings numerous times around the country—just never in ‘gun free’ zones like Purdue, where no law-abiding person has a gun.”
Now here's the kind of response we hope all the leftist, statist, Marxist, socialist, libtard college profs will emulate.  If you don't like students exercising their constitutional rights, quit and leave the country!

Quote:U. of Texas prof quits rather than tolerate students exercising constitutional right

By LU Staff on October 9, 2015 at 9:55 am

[Image: Daniel_hamermesh-300x194.jpg]

If you are the parent of a college-bound high schooler and are looking to send your son or daughter to an institution of higher learning that is locked into the liberal world view, think the University of Texas-Austin (UT). In 2012, a professor there compared the founding fathers to Nazis and called Thanksgiving a “white supremacist” holiday. More recently, the university devised a method for dealing with the problem of minority students who scored poorly on a standardized exit exam by tossing the exam.

And now a professor at the school has announced that he is resigning in protest against a recent law allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus, saying the law drastically increases his chances of being murdered.

Daniel Hamermesh, who teaches economics said in a letter to university administrators:

Quote:As much as I have loved the experience of teaching and introducing these students to economics at the university, I have decided not to continue. With a huge group of students my perception is that the risk that a disgruntled student might bring a gun into the classroom and start shooting at me has been substantially enhanced by the concealed-carry law.

Starting next August, Texas’s new “campus carry” law will allow those with concealed carry licenses to bring guns into the buildings and dormitories of Texas colleges. Several hundred UT professors have signed a petition of protest against it, though Hamermesh is the first to quit over the matter.

Hamermesh’s economics course currently has some 475 students, which he cited as putting him in particular danger of being gunned down.

Instead of UT, Hamermesh plans to teach at the University of Sydney in Australia starting next year out of “self-protection.”

Hamermesh predicted that he won’t be the first faculty member to avoid UT because of its new tolerance for concealed carry. He wrote:

Quote:My guess is somebody thinking about coming to Texas is going to think twice about being a professor here. It’s going to make it more difficult for Texas to compete in the market for faculty.

Texas isn’t the first state to legalize campus carry, though, as it’s already legal in several states, including Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and more.

Hamermesh does not make clear in his resignation letter how a campus gun-free zone would prevent a disgruntled student from killing him.

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