NationsUniversity is accredited and other updates
Good afternoon from Germany!
This is Dr. Muhammad Schmidt posting again after a long time.

First of all, I am happy to learn that NationsUniversity has achieved recognized accreditation. It's a decent school with high quality Christian education and is almost free. I personally also benefitted from them by graduating from them with a Master in Religious Studies several years ago. Later, I developed some courses in Biblical Languages (Hebrew, Greek) and in Comparative Relligion (two courses on Islam and Christianity) for them plus a course on Homiletics.

The stalkers at always tried to slander NU's name because I was involved in it, but they will find it hard to do so now after the successful completion of the accreditation process with a US Department recognized body:

Regarding my own school, IFTS, the news is that after many years of running it with my former African partners, I resigned as an active officer of that school network due to reasons of age. I have retired officially in June this year and decided that I would free myself from the heavy workload for no money and hand it over to my successors whom I have trained over the years to keep it in good shape, to maintain academic standards and fo strictly follow ethical practices. I left the school in good shape and as far as I can see it still is. Their new homepage is here:

That homepage is hosted by one of my former co-workers from Korea, and the Kenyans now have another school with government-accredited degree programs that are not free. IFTC stil lexists to offer (mostly) free high quality education to those who cannot afford to pay tuition fees.

IFTS stilll exists and is also still active but on a much lower level - we've had 8 branches in 8 different countries befiore, including Haiti. Niow, we are still active only in Haiti and Nepal and do no longer offer free theological education. Instead, we offer language teacher training and a number of other language-related degree programs as a developing nation does not only need pastors but also teachers, social workers, etc. I currently have a PhD student from Nepal planning to do a research project on Dhimal, one of Nepal's ethnic minority languages.

I do not really want to expand this and do more; the few things I am still doing are just right for me at this time. I also continue to publish my books.

That's all for now, good luck to everybody, and please get me a bit of poison for the stalkers at
(11-01-2015, 01:04 AM)Educator Wrote: ...please get me a bit of poison for the stalkers at

Nice call, Dr. Schmidt.  The virtual ink on your post was barely dry when the vermin started coming out to attack.  Fortunately the light from The Truth sends them scurrying back to their squalid crevices.
(11-01-2015, 05:10 AM)twodocdoug Wrote: I note that the sources of your faculty members degrees are not listed. One of the key factors in determining the legitimacy of unaccredited schools is found in the faculty's credentials. Might we know that?

Degree mills are notorious for the star-studded faculty...whether true or false, who knows...I can list Jimmy Carter and Gotbachev as teachers for my degree mill...oops...alternative educational venture.
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