Say RA Harvard Stole $100K Funds from Disabled, Spent it on Sex Toys
Quote:Harvard Officials Accused of Stealing $100K of Funds Meant for the Disabled, Spent it on Sex Toys

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by Warner Todd Huston 1 Mar 2017  Boston, MA

Two administrators at Harvard University have been accused of embezzling $110,000 of funding earmarked for disabled students, allegedly spending the money on cell phones, computers, and even sex toys.

School administrators Meg DeMarco and Darris Saylors both quit their jobs after being confronted by police over the missing funds, The Daily Mail reported.

Saylors, who worked in the Dean of Students’ office, allegedly bought tablets, i-Pods, computers, phones, and electronic sex toys, reports say.

For her part, DeMarco, who was the Harvard Law School’s Director of Student Affairs until 2013, was confronted about the theft at her new job at Babson College.

DeMarco, 33, admitted to “making mistakes” in the job.

“I never intended to harm the university. I’m very sorry and will do everything in my power to rectify the situation,” she told CBS affiliate WBZ TV.

Officials accuse DeMarco of using a school mobile card reader to transfer money into her personal account and then altering records to cover her tracks. She also bought a large amount of electronic items, investigators said. Police subpoenaed Apple Corp. and discovered items had been shipped to DeMarco’s home.

Harvard announced a change in procedure after the reports.

“As a result of this matter, the Law School implemented additional layers of controls governing the use of its credit accounts and purchasing protocols,” the school said in a statement.
Harvard? Did they teach Obama how to tap the phones of politicians he didn't agree with? Sounds like a nasty place.

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