Porn, Prostitution Scandal for Klempner Fave Snopes
Being a lefty loon, Klempner has often cited lefty loon propaganda site Snopes to support his lefty loon conclusions.  Not surprisingly, Snopes is now on the verge of self-destruction, thanks to a porn and prostitution scandal involving its founders.  Funny how everything Klempner gets involved in degenerates into a porn and/or prostitution scandal.  It would seem that the self-appointed "experts" in charge of determining "fake news" are just as dissolute as the self-appointed "experts" in charge of determining "fake degrees."  

Quote:Fact-Checker Snopes On Verge of Financial Meltdown Amid Divorce Scandal
By Andrew West  July 26, 2017  

In the new liberal war on information, the very definition of the word “fact” has been called into question in order to create doubt among their voter base.

While Hillary Clinton was floundering in the 2016 election spin-masters in the mainstream media, along with her campaign advisors, found themselves struggling to find a scapegoat for their “inevitable” candidate’s coming demise.  They had previously tried to attack Donald Trump on several fronts, but to no avail.  It seemed as though Hillary Clinton’s purported, and later proven, corruption was too far embedded in the character of her candidacy.  That’s when the democrats decided to try something desperate:  They would fight a war of perception.

Instead of arguing with journalists and outlets with whom they disagreed, the democrats and the mainstream media would simply decide that those outlets were “fake news”.  It was a quick and easy dismissal to use, and the concept went viral.  Soon, any and every conservative news outlet found themselves on some imaginary “list”, concocted by some low-level liberal arts professor at You Name It Community College.  In short, it was a mess.  Who, then, would validate the validity of these claims?

Enter, one of the earliest authorities on the internet.  As the advent of the world wide web created a need for verifying the identity of those Nigerian Princes and getting the real story behind that photo of the guy on top of the Twin Towers, Snopes became the de facto destination for separating the wheat from the chaff of internet urban legends.   As the internet grew, so did Snopes, who began branching out into real world legends shortly after.

As the war against Fake News continued to devolve into pure madness, with no authority truly able to right the ship, Facebook and Google decided that Snopes was the answer.  These two liberal leviathans of the online world would give the job to the husband and wife team behind the debunking website, and then forcefully interject the Snopes opinion in their own search results.  The obviously flawed plan is currently still in place.

But for how long?

“So-called ‘fact-checking’ website is reportedly on the verge of financial collapse since one if its founders has been accused of using company cash to fund his contentious divorce and to pay for fancy vacations with his new wife, a former escort and porn actress.

“The financial situation has apparently become so dire that Snopes owner David Mikkelson launched a crowd-funding website to solicit donations, according to London’s Daily Mail. Readers contributed more than $500,000 in just the first 24 hours.

“’s founders, former husband and wife David and Barbara Mikkelson, have been embroiled in a lengthy and bitter legal dispute in the wake of their divorce. At one point, Barbara accused the CEO of using company money for prostitutes. Barbara Mikkelson also accused her ex-husband of embezzling more than $100,000 in company funds. She urged the court to limit access to David’s bank account because she said she feared he would drain the company funds due to his wild spending habits.

“David claimed Barbara took millions from their joint accounts and bought property in Las Vegas. He has since remarried to a former escort and porn actress, Elyssa Young, who is one of the site’s staff members. Young, who was a Las Vegas escort until at least 2015, charged $500 for her services. She also starred in porn films as ‘Erin O’Bryn.'”

This, folks, is the group in charge of determining “fake news” for the liberals.

Boy oh gotta love these liberals...they always thump uncle Lenin's big book, but are as morally indecent as any Catholic priest the next fat person reads about in the news...pfft!
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