Cook County Jail High School called a "Credit Mill." Principle Fired

From the article:

September 14, 2017 4:40 AM
A Chicago Public Schools principal has been barred from an alternative high school operating in the Cook County Jail following allegations that she falsified student data.
Sheriff Tom Dart issued the ban Wednesday, saying he agrees with a report by the CPS inspector general that recommended Sharnette Sims be fired. He said starting Thursday, Sims won't be allowed to enter the jail.
In the report, Nicholas Schuler called York Alternative High School "a credit mill."

Schuler says York routinely granted attendance and course credit to students who had left the jail or been moved to solitary confinement where they couldn't attend classes. One student who was released from jail and killed a week later was still listed as attending classes.

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The ones who suffer, of course are the inmates. Some of them got credit while serving in solitary. Can they really acquire skills needed to function in society when they were not even given an education? and this so-called principle was getting six figures from the county? WTF?
Quote:One student who was released from jail and killed a week later was still listed as attending classes.

now THAT I call an affirmative action!

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