Mandalay Bay: Look For Union Label
(10-19-2017, 08:24 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Ellen Degenerate is wasted skin - an old ugly lesbian.  I can tolerate good looking young lesbians who want to put on a show.  Degenerate did the interview to keep things under control - she has a business affiliation with MGM.  No danger of asking him why he didn't have a license.  She's a professional retard - not a journalist.

Right you are, Ben.  Mandalay Bay is owned by MGM Resorts.  Telepictures Productions is the nominal producer of Degenerate's show, although at first glance it is owned by Time Warner.  But who gets their own line of slot machines in Vegas without some connections?

[Image: EllenDeGeneresSlots.jpg]
As if the situation didn't smell^ fishy enough already.  What kind of guy goes on the Degenerate show?  I bet those boys like show tunes.
Wayne Allyn Root gets the details from MGM security.  No cameras in the hallways or stairwells, only three guards on duty for thousands of guest rooms, but one guard just happens to be right outside the very room where all the shooting happens, right when it happens (at shift change).  Yeah, sounds legit.   Rolleyes

Quote:WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: The Real MGM Story – Direct From Their Security Employees
October 19, 2017
By Wayne Allyn Root

. . . *Most of MGM security is disarmed. Only supervisors have weapons. And they are in their offices, or the control room. If there’s trouble, they are far away, leaving unarmed guards unable to defend guests or themselves for long periods of time. Guards feel helpless.

*There is a petition at this very moment from MGM employees demanding guards be armed because employees do not feel safe at work.

*Security guards are so upset they are planning to unionize at every MGM property, all at once, in the coming days.

*My MGM security sources believe MGM security guard Jesus Campos is a key part of this mess. There are many questions that need to be answered about Campos.

He’s the only witness to the worst mass shooting in U.S. history and his only interview EVER was with a comedian (Ellen Degeneres) whose show is sponsored by MGM and who makes millions with her own slot machines at MGM casinos? MGM has just made things worse. They are digging the hole deeper.

*Media critics have asked why Campos was sent alone to the 32nd floor? Because of budget cuts and severe understaffing, MGM guards are almost always sent alone on calls.

*MGM has lots of guards on the casino floor, but often has only 3 guards on duty for thousands of guest rooms. Unarmed guards.

*Many critics have asked after Campos was shot, why were police not called quickly. My sources say calls to police are ALWAYS a last resort at any MGM property. They never want police involved. They want no public record of incidents at MGM properties.

*Secondly, they report MGM security has cheap, faulty equipment. Their radios are the worst problem. They often don’t work, or suffer “dead zones” all over the hotels. Campos may have been unable to reach his supervisors for crucial minutes. He may have been forced to use his personal cell phone.

*Contrary to public perception, there are no cameras in hallways. And none in the stairwells either--meaning a shooter could quickly escape to the street without video images.

*High Rollers like Paddock are treated like untouchables. Security personnel cannot question them for fear of being instantly fired.

*Paddock studied Mandalay Bay. He knew the shift change times. There is a shift change at 9:59 PM. That’s why the shooting took place around 10 PM. It’s a time of mass confusion.

*Incredibly, MGM security has never been trained for mass shooting, or terror attack scenarios.  No one had any idea what to do. My sources say they still don’t.

*MGM has no TAC team. Wynn has a TAC team. Wynn has been training for a mass casualty scenario since 2015. MGM is just starting that training now.

*The timeline for the shooting is not easy to establish. Yes, traffic on MGM radios (when they work) is recorded. But it’s very hard to retrieve and piece together accurate timelines.

These aren’t my opinions or observations. MGM’s own security supervisors and employees painted this picture vivid terms. It’s an eye-opener.

Would you feel safe staying at a MGM property?

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