Bear Favors Notion of DL Convention
Quote:originally posted by Dr. John Bear at DegreeDiscussion

"This was also around the time we were discussing having a convention of participants (which I still think is a most intriguing idea). The matter of screen names arose, and I think people felt that there could be a convention where would-be anonymous folk could remain anonymous, with screen-name badges only."

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This would be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Imagine the people, the stories, the personalities ... the egos! I would definitely attend if it was opened up to the entire DL community. Maybe we should conduct a poll?
If there was a DL convention, how many people would mistake Bear for the late actor/producer John Houseman?

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Bear still likes the idea of a DL convention ... and I like denver's choice of seating arrangements for dinner. "Interesting" doesn't even begin to describe the possibilities for such an event.

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