The Spell Checker gets checked...
D00bie Wrote:missing a pun

Gollum doing his Bear imitation, "I meant it as a joke" routine, when he fucks up?

Gollum doing his Janko imitation, "you couldn't possibly understand the obscure patois of an intellectual giant such as myself" when he fucks up?

Or is he also the world's foremost expert in being a "cling-on"?

Quote:1. cling-on  
2.friendly yet annoying
A term used for a social and academic loser who, in a desperate attempt to re-gain popularity, befriends an individual to the near point of stalking them.

dave is a cling-on. Get him away from me

Sounds like Gollum to me! Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
g-gollin Wrote:The "Université Libre Internationale" is one of the Clingons in a parking orbit about Uranus... er... Euclid.

g-gollin Wrote:But, heck, anybody who would think that a Knightsbridge/WIDU/Whatever document is the same thing as a university degree is likely to be found wiping their elbows with toilet paper.

g-gollin Wrote:Maybe the Star Trek-"bathroom tissue" joke is only known to college graduates, a sort of secret handshake?

What is with Gollum and the anal hygiene references?  He seems preoccupied with the topic.  I wonder why?

Oh my!

thank Zoroaster for these nice privacy software suites with 'boss keys', eh Janko?!
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