Poll: Who should replace DesElms with their own forum in the DL Truth Hall of Shame?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
No one. Let's keep it in case Elmer returns.
1 11.11%
Let's open it up for George Gollin (and include nasty stuff about his family).
1 11.11%
I would like to see one for Quinn Tyler Jackson. (this one would bring in new members)
1 11.11%
Dump DesElms and dedicate the space to Rich "Bomber" Douglas comments.
1 11.11%
Uncle Janko has worked really hard for own little corner in this forum, let's give it to him.
2 22.22%
None of the above. I have identified my nominee below.
3 33.33%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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Replacement for Gregg DesElms?
Neilist Wrote:
Little Arminius Wrote:I'm a bit suprised by the poll results. First off, fortunately no one favors giving Elmer's wing to Quinn Tyler Jackson. Quinn is a good guy and prominent alternative education advocate.

Well, that's that for your "fortunately no one favors" comment.

Hoist Quinn Tyler Jackson up by his own putrid petard!  Hang the bastard!

Thanks for participating in the poll. I'm beginning to get the impression that there are some real points of disagreement between you and Quinn. Is there any possibility of patching this rift up?  Wink
Little Arminius Wrote:I'm beginning to get the impression that there are some real points of disagreement between you and Quinn. Is there any possibility of patching this rift up?  Wink

*sniffle* Quinn, he, he (sob) ... he insulted me *blow nose*, by not answering a question about some proof reviewers, and then (sob) he hurled dehumanizing accusations of me being an ELIZA program, and (boo hoo) calling me a twit. Quinn is soooooo mean! *sniffle*

Perhaps he can apologize profusely and publicly to me, for mistreating me and invading my "personal space" on the Internet and in newsgroups and forums (chuckle).

And Quinn must announce on sci.math that the resident bug-a-boo James Harris is a crank. Quinny knows it and once implied it in a buried thread of posts. But Quinn should attest to the TRUTH and say it directly to the public in James Harris' favorite stomping ground, to put that crank James Harris in his place.

Meanwhile ...
"closed list"  "closed list"  "closed list"
"personal space"  "personal space"  "personal space"
Hey Quinn, I'm laughing at the "superior intellect"

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