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Richard Coleman Douglas, a representative of the University of Leicester, posted the following at Degreediscussion, a site owned by failed Miami businessman, Gustavo Sainz


Postby Rich Douglas on Thu Jun 19, 2008 5:44 pm

It could be that a whole mess of formerly crummy schools have somehow cleaned up their acts to meet the rigorous standards of DETC. Or it could be that the DETC is making it possible for a bunch of still-crummy schools to get accredited. Or perhaps it is somewhere in between. I don' t know.

(NB: DETC accredits some wonderful schools. But if it also extends it accreditation to the unworthy, that harms all of its accredited members. Or, again, maybe all of these schools are now great (or good enough)

He also says much the same thing at degreeinfo, a website run by internet pornographer Chip White.
Doogle reminds me of all the old Indy car owners back in the early sixties, running front engine Offy 4-bangers.  The day Colin Chapman rolled his rear engine V-8 onto the track they were all rendered obsolete.

Doogle knows the handwriting is on the wall for his lame ass  Interdisciplinary Studies degree from a 12th-tier lava lamp school.  DETC just keeps blistering the paint right off his doors as they sail on past him into the next era of distance learning.  

As Adam Sandler says in Zohan, "stick a fork in the fat lady."  Pull it over and walk home Richie, you're done.  Outdated, archaic, superseded, outmoded, old-fashioned, out-of-date, antediluvian, obsolescent, dated, old, antiquated, passé, unfashionable, past it...

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