Janko Slams "Impotent" Elmer
Not that you can ever figure out WTF Janko is ranting about in broken English, but it seems like he has taken a swipe at massage parlor expert Gregg DesElms:

Quote:Release the names.

This has been used against patrons of houses of vice, so why not here?

"Uh, I spent $40,000 on a hooker in Minneapolis, but I was just on a lark."

"Uh, I spent thousands on a fake degree in Spokane to deceive immigration authorities and undermine national security, or just to rip off my employer, but I was just joking."

Male-menopause types dealing with their um impotence in such ways may be stupid, may in some universe of cretins be considered harmless in intent, but they're still in this human intelligence trace-bearing universe, paying and enabling criminals.

Dumb and dumber. Fuhgeddabahdit.

The only idiot we know of to spend $40K on a hooker in Minneapolis is Gregg DesElms.  

So is Janko saying Elmer frequents hookers because he suffers from "um impotence"?  You could buy a lot of Viagra with $40,000, or so Ted Heiks tells us.  

Wouldn't someone frequent hookers because they don't have impotence?  Isn't that like buying ammo when you don't own a gun?  

Is this the dark secret Elmer revealed to Janko when he showed up wasted on Janko's doorstep?  Or did Janko learn of it "first hand," so to speak?
Irrespective of the fine points, the coded speak and so forth, the 'spent on hooker in Minneapolis' +'$40.000' clearly target Gregg DesElms.
Now my point again...
Truly amazing these online friendships...
It was just yesterday that uncle Janko and Gregg Deselms were teaming to expose and assassinate the character of people, to celebrate some jewish memorial and whatever...
Now uncle Janko is parading Gregg desElms 'just awesome' past.
And everyone in the clique has an equally awesome past.
One day they might rub doctor John Bear 's Rolleyes nose into his past of 'unaccredited' school executive; they might bring up issues with filthy online blogs and mutant pigs etc with doctor Rolleyes Gollin; they might endlessly chant the outrage that Thomas Chip White (owner of degreeinfo.com ) and his gay teen porn empire raise; George Brown had a dodgy school, too, Alan Contreras relies on gay teen porn funded websites to do his job, and Gus Sainz can't have more integrity than his finances do.
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It's about time that someone over there is acknowledging that Elmer is/was/probably always will be a pervert, loser and anti-social weirdo. Last month, Abner, a strange character in his own right, praised Elmer as "one of my heroes." I said it then and I'll repeat it now - Abner is a complete asshole. If Abner posted more frequently I'm sure we would be considering him for enshrinement in the DL Hall of Shame.
I'm still wondering how Elmer got AIDS falling of a ladder. Pornographer Chip White could make big money from the video.

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