Bear is back from vacation in Yukon Territory ...
and already posting snarky, anti-Republican nonsense. Is there any point to this post other than to irk Jimmy Clifton? Too bad that John Bear didn't run into a real bear while up in the Yukon.

Bear post at DD
A reminder that Bear truly is old. The only people that do the Alaska Highway thing are really old. There really is nothing to see and several thousand miles to see it. A few mountains and a lotta bush.
Fort Bragg Wrote:A reminder that Bear truly is old.  The only people that do the Alaska Highway thing are really old.  There really is nothing to see and several thousand miles to see it.  A few mountains and a lotta bush.

Probably the closest Bear has been to bush in 30 years. Sorry, couldn't resist.
John Bear is apparently pissed that we "mischaracterized" his summer vacation in the Yukon Territory. Sorry for the diss J.B., I can't wait to see you and Gollin freezing your asses off on next season's installament of Ice Road Truckers. Big Grin

DD thread - Bear pissed about mischaracterization of his summer vacation

BTW, it is an absolute disgrace that Ice Road Truckers isn't shown in Canada. It's shown in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa but somehow they couldn't cut a deal to show it in Canada. Many Canadians would find this show very interesting on multiple levels.

PS The fact that I don't get CBC television on my 600 channel+ Direct TV package (satellite television) and our neighbors to the north don't get quality U.S. cable channels like History Channel is ridiculous. Further, I was forced to pay $5.99 to watch each Saskatchewan Roughrider game this season when it had been part of my satellite package for the last 5 years (but at least the Riders finished above .500, more than Gollin can say about his Fightin' Illini).

PPS Bear's Michigan State Spartans finished 9-3 while my Iowa Hawkeyes finished 8-4 (ouch Sad ).

PPPS For Peter French and George Brown, so you tossers aren't completely in the dark we're talking about American and Canadian football!
ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin's church
Quote:Wasilla Deputy Police Chief Greg Wood said authorities had no immediate suspects or motive.

We know how much Bear loves Christianity, so he couldn't possibly be a suspect.

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