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About once a year or so, a reminder about these schools is a good thing. Note that the map is now adorned with the 2007-NCA-accredited Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College long ago discussed here. For those of us who care about the democratisation of educational access and the empowerment of the rural poor, without suburban six-figure-salary patronising contempt professing to know better than we what non-profit institutions we should be allowed to have (Paulo Freire, ora pro nobis--and I'm no Marxist), the AICF and its schools are beacons.

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It sounds like Uncle Janko has had his fill of Gollin's nonsense. It's analogous to the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes. Everyone at DD has started to see what Gollin is all about ... self-promotion. Once the egos over there get over the shock that they've been played, I suspect that they will turn on Georgie G. The resentment is already in the air and I know that Gus, for one, never had any use for Gollin but wasn't in a position to take him on.

There really is some justice in the world if Gollin gets savaged by the crowd he has spent the last several years stirring up.
Knew a whitey from civilzation of average brains who went here:

Four-point-oh. She should have applied to Harvard law.
Quote:(Paulo Freire, ora pro nobis--and I'm no Marxist)

wow...these nuggets of wisdom...
Funny thing these communists...what about a Horst Wessel study centre?
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