Chadwick University Called a "Diploma Mill"
It's really a shame that Bear and wrecking crew have spewed out so much venom on the legally operating unaccredited schools. If you goggle anything you run into their vomit. How does that look to people who have no knowledge of this subject. They see such and such called a mill and immediately think to themselves---aaah, a problem. So you don't get the job or you get called a fraud by some fool who was looking for stuff to attack you with. The internet has many good aspects but finding the truth in all the crap can be difficult.

Bear and crew like to say that unaccredited degrees can come back to bite you---really---and why is that? Simple. Because they (Bear and Sniffers) make sure that the web is full of their rants and lies.

Look, I'm not claiming that the process is the same as spending 4-6 years earning a degree from Harvard. It was never intended to be that. It was meant as a way for adults to go back and earn a degree from a legally operating school by the process of life experience, old work, new work, and testing out procedures. It took 9-15 months for most degrees. You were expected to have much of the knowledge already in place. The school simply finished up the process. At the end you got a legal degree, Chadwick-Greenwich-California Coast-Pacific Western, or some other such college. It was up to you to make use of the degree as best you could. Often the degrees were acceptable. Most employers didn't really care and it was the same for the government jobs.

Now of course after years of 15-25 people posting over and over-mill-mill-mill- it's a different story. All it takes is a goggle to find the negative lies.

Bear claimed to believe that people were earning real degrees in 9-12 months. Hell he even sold them, along with the guides and paid advice.

Did Bear ever truly believe the rosy picture he painted back in the 70's and 80's??? Probably not. He was just a cheap con man selling what he thought would make him a pile of money. It's a shame. He told the truth and didn't even know it. The schools were good enough for the needs of many adults. Most just wanted to go back and get a legal degree that didn't cost a small fortune and that could be done in a year or less, and yes, they didn't want to spend a huge amount of time doing work that 20 year old kids do. That's what Bear realized and intended to cash in on. Too bad that Bear had to double cross all those folks who followed his advice, some of whom even paid Bear money at Bear schools. All they wanted was a nice legal diploma on the wall, and the son-of a-bitch even took that away. One wonders how many legally earned degrees that have been tossed into the garbage after all this mill-mill-mill nonsense. Rolleyes
you are right again james...klumpner loved linking up three words...actually 4...illegal, diploma mill and the same sentence...what an ass
One more thing... just to bring things into greater focus for new readers of this outstanding and prescient blog. Klempner linked up these 4 words for one reason only...because he wanted "ALL" people with unaccredited state approved, LEGAL diplomas, to feel like they graduated from a diploma mill at best, and were criminal's at worst! This was Klempner's vain attempt at destroying legitimate businesses and educational enterprises, that never sought accreditation", because of the demographic they served, and the unnecessary cost, which was overwhelming for these very small, often family run proprietary schools, and always remember--- "these diplomas they deride, were legally and validly conferred", with oversight! Sadly, many people were placed "under a cloud of suspicion", due to Klempner, Contrerass and Gollum, who were on a self-serving crusade to expose people to unjust scrutiny and humiliation, which would never have manifested had they not told flagrant lies, perverted the truth and facts, and then even sought to violate the constitutional right's of some degree holders'!...with these three clowns posing as educational specialist's, it's a minor miracle that small state approved institution's of higher learning even exist anymore!...Klempner's latest edition of "distance learning schools", is apparently still would seem his publisher came to his senses and decided against publishing this redundant tripe, that reeks of defamation and prevarication...nuff said

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