Gollins Sponsor Chamber Music
Other than disco, is there any form of music more gay than chamber music?  Which makes it the perfect genre for George Gollin and his lovely unhyphenated wife to sponsor:

Marquee Chamber Series | Foellinger Great Hall
Thursday, October 30, 2008 | 7:30pm

[Image: gollinsponsor01.jpg]
We welcome Melanie Loots
and George Gollin as new
co-sponsors. Their gift helps to
build chamber music audiences
by bringing stellar ensembles to
this community.


Hmm, is that a message of love she's sending to George?
Who would have ever guessed that Gollin missed out on the rock and roll thing? Like everyone?
Martin Eisenstadt Wrote:Other than disco, is there any form of music more gay than chamber music?  

So this "chamber music," this apparently is not something to do with the Chambers Brothers? Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Seriously, this Gollin character seems to have the most astonishing need for public attention of any adult I've ever seen.  Don't most people outgrow that at about age 3?

Did he wake up one morning and realize he was the proverbial "Nowhere Man" the Beatles sang about?  (He might have stumbled onto the oldies station on his way to NPR.)

Did he go to a high school reunion and discover that all the "dumb guys" he went to school with had interesting lives, normal kids, and wives who wore dresses, acted like women and didn't violate food and drug laws?

Is he not happy with all the attention he gets here?  Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin  Well, he's sure to get plenty more.....
[Image: gollinsponsor01.jpg][Image: PigwithTeeth-02.jpg]

More proof of whose chromosomes they used for that little mutant hog experiment.

Is that a smile or is Mrs. Hyphen just grimacing from the glare off Gollum's bald dome?

Nice to see the traditional "finger" rather than the trendy "shocker."  Is she just old school or is she even less hip than the follicularly challenged one?
Armando Ramos Wrote:Is that a smile or is Mrs. Hyphen just grimacing from the glare off Gollum's bald dome?

Isn't a hyper-reflective scalp considered an environmental hazard?  

Isn't there some Associate Vice-Chancellor for Research at UIUC responsible for assuring the highest possible level of confidence in public safety?  Shouldn't they be passing out sunglasses or something?

[Image: gollinsponsor02.jpg]
Yes, the co-equal transgendered look not only makes a statement about today's politically correct modern couple, but minimizes dangerous light refraction conditions for the non-visually impaired as well.

BTW, isn't that the same man-suit it was wearing in this picture?  
[Image: LootsManClothes.jpg]

Can't it afford more than one change of clothes, or does it just wear the same suit every day to avoid the complicated fashion decisions associated with a female lifestyle?  

Maybe it trades pork for suits at the local haberdashery, and that's the best they will give it now that they know the hogs were all mutants?
[Image: gollinsponsor02.jpg]

Now I remember....you guys threw me off with all that chambers brothers music talk....

It's the great Sonny & Sonny!  (Babe, I got me babe...)

Or is it Cher & Cher Alike????
More like Emo Phillips looking at his ass in the mirror.
Quote:"Reminds me of me!" --George Gollin, 12/04/06

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