Gus and Shortcuts.
Now don't ever get the idea that Gus and friends hate shortcuts, they don't.  They hate your shortcuts and you, if you say you prefer your shortcuts to theirs.

Gus thinks his 110 day degree from TESC is just as good as a four year degree from the University of Texas.  But if you took a poll of students and educators at the major universities you wouldn't find much support for that idea, hence the reason for his shilling for these accredited degree mills at the DL forums.  If he tried to say these things to real academics he would be laughed off campus, so he howls his absurd statements among those who have drunk from the same muddy ponds.  

Rich Douglas says that his 4 degrees in 21 months are just as good and just as usable as 12 years (about how long it would take to get four degrees from B&Ms, at Penn. State University getting these same degrees. You will find virtually no support for such an idea from faculty or students at the B&M colleges.  

Can you imagine Gus or Rich trying to convince an academic at Yale that their quicky degrees contain the same level of education and quality as would degrees earned from Stanford or Harvard?  

If Gus and Rich wanted to brag and boast, they should have done something to brag and boast about.  I mean, just how the hell do you convince true academics that almost nothing is really great?

An 8 week degree from Excelsior is education excellence??  is something to hold up to the world as special? something every mom and dad would want for their kids?  something you would want your accountant to do? your MD to do? your dentist to do? your lawyer to do? the engineer designing the bridge you drive across each day? the guy who designs the very tall building you sit in?  The answer to all of them, OF COURSE NOT!! You would want them to have real learning and knowledge, not becoming experts at test taking and fooling the system and slapping one useless piece of paper after the other on the wall. Better one real degree representing skills and knowledge than half a dozen quicky diplomas representing fast, cheap, and easy.
A.S., B.S., M.B.A.
Before Gus received his community college associates and Excelsior bachelors, didn't he say he had degrees when he was questioned? Was he telling the truth or just avoiding looking like Chip the education expert with no education, who lied about having a degree?

Why are the self-appointed arbiters of morality in education so uneducated and so critical of others?

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