DesElms Update
Geoff Vankirk Wrote:Is DesElms a fag himself?

Maybe. We know he can't get it up for white women so there may be other issues.
Fort Bragg Wrote:Maybe.  We know he can't get it up for white women so there may be other issues.

Yikes!  The putrified condition of Elmer's hooker-worn equipment is not a thought I care to visit!  

But on the positive side, while he's not Chip's type, he might have a career in one of those anti-VD films like they show to GI's.  

After all, George Gollin appeared in this one.  Watch for him at about 0:30.
In honor of Elmer apparently making a return to the distance learning fora, I thought it would be appropriate to give this thread a bump and pass along a little message to DesElms.


I actually think that out of all the sickos and perverts who have ever made a name for themselves in the DL world, you are the absolute lowest. You are a blowhard and a bully toward the weak, yet a sniveling coward and a worm when confronted with the truth and the light.

There are a lot of people posting for whom I have little respect. Most of them are losers, but they are not really a danger to society at-large. Some are has-beens (Bear), others are wannabees (Gollin); the rest of them are laughable.

There is nothing funny about you, though. Your latest foray into the "ordained ministry" field is a disgrace. Who are you, with your background of patronizing Korean prostitutes and involvement with the DeMolay movement, to be providing advice and counseling for people experiencing problems in their life? You fucked up your life royally, and now are providing counseling to others??? For the arrogance that takes, and the damage you will cause, I hold you in utter contempt.

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