"CCU Excellent....By John Bear"
Okay, I misread it. I thought it said 2002. While truth may have no expiration dates, circumstances change. For instance, if I say this month that Union is an excellent choice and they lose their accreditation next month, then what? Same with Bear, at the time he made most of his statements, the info was good. As always however, it is the buyer who must bear the responsibility for making choices, not the person making the recommendations. Bear is no more responsible for one choosing CPU than Dear Abby is for someone taking her advice.
Quote:Bear is no more responsible for one choosing CPU than Dear Abby is for someone taking her advice.

The other way round, exactly.
It's not like two friends sitting side by side on cess bowls discuss how one had (or had not) enough bowel movements, and the other suggests "hey! My uncle Moe uses coffee enemas when he's not distilling malt liquor...you might want to look into it".
You have Thomas Chip White (owner of degreeinfo ) and his partners posing as medical research center offering medically proven remedies for serious illness.
Some people might believe it's real science there, not some quackery, and confide in such amateurish practices with their health.

John Bear has been tooting his horn for ages to convince everybody how he is a "worldwide authority", not just some tarot reader, carnival show announcer or some popcorn psychologist ( although his tricks of the trade look much like it ).
When gullible buyers spend money on and wear the badge of the school(s) he promotes, they're convinced of doing so under the advice of a "Keynote speaker", "worldwide authority on DE/DL", not a cold caller trying to sell them eighteen bottles of wine for $10.
When eight weeks, months or years later mr. Bear turns against them and exposes them as phoneys and their schools as mills, they realize they got taken for a ride by a slick vendor.
Actually, Bear is much more refined than the keyboard sociopaths he associates with...he's not likely to scream "degree mill" to the top of his lungs, but rather to paraphrase like

Quote:"John Bear: Don't even think of applying to Fairfax, unless you are comfortable with a degree whose use would be a criminal offense in New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, etc." DEC 12, 2004

No news.

A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
"Let THIS BOOK be your GUIDE, your STARTING POINT, and your ROAD MAP.  Of course, it will require effort on your part to end up with the degree you WANT. I think it safe to say that if you cannot find what you are LOOKING for or HOPING for in THIS BOOK, it probably doesn't exist."
--John Bear--College Degrees by MAIL--100 Good Schools--1995

Some of the schools on his list of 100 Good schools:
California Coast University
Adam Smith University
California Pacific University
Cook's Institute of Electronics Engineering
Greenwich University
Columbia Pacific University
Summit University
Kennedy Western University

It's good.
It's bad.
It's good again.
Hell I don't know just send me the money.
--*John Bear

*What he really means.

Guide= lead, pilot, show the way to, direct, conduct, escort.
--Roget's Desk Thesaurus

Guide= one who leads or directs, conductor, director, influence, govern by counsel.
--Webster's School and Office Dictionary

Bear was paid as a guide not as some ignorant boob who was just guessing. People expected to be getting expert advice, that's what they were paying for, not a phone book of random listings. He claimed to know his stuff, either he did or did not. He either was telling the truth or lying.

Bear (advertised / advertises) himself as an expert and touts his knowledge, if he did not have this knowledge when he called Kennedy Western and Summit University good schools, it is not the fault of the customer, but Bear's fault. That he now touts the same knowledge and skills to tell his old customers that the schools they used were actually bad is a sign of his bad behavior and mistake not theirs.
A.S., B.S., M.B.A.
It would have been funny if Bear had really went forward with his idea about placing IIAS in Alabama. He could have then covered all three states that he has cried those alligator tears over, Alabama, Louisiana, and Hawaii. He can use these states but it's very negative when other schools do it. Now ain't that just like John Bear, raise hell with people for doing exactly the same thing he did and for the very same reasons. It was cheaper-easier-quicker and no one to tell him what he could and couldn't do. Well, I say if Hawaii is good enough for John Bear it's good enough for the rest. Tongue
A.S., B.S., M.B.A.
"The new La Salle seems to be run honestly and reasonably, so if one is absolutely convinced an unaccredited degree will meet ones current and future needs, they are one of the many to consider.  The accreditation for which they are applying is unrecognized, and is unlikely, in my opinion, to be of use to the graduate."
--John Bear

You see the big problem with this, of course.  In other places Bear raises the dust about La Salle which would harm the people who might see this post and think the "New La Salle" was ok to use if it met their needs. But how can it meet their needs with Bear attacking all unaccredited schools on the TV and in print, at other places. He winds and twists back and forth like most used car salesmen. Today he says it's good, tomorrow it's bad. Which does he he truly mean? who knows. But you had best know this. He will dump a position and move on in a second if the MONEY is right.

Bear = L.I.A.R.  Douglas= suck-up, right Rich.  Rolleyes Oh, and Union is still a joke, and you still did 4 in 21, didn't you?
A.S., B.S., M.B.A.

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