Will Chip's Posters Need Condoms?
Porn law revives debate over legality of porn industry in U.S.

Quote: LOS ANGELES, June 15 (Xinhua) -- The call for the "Condoms in Porn" legislation in California Monday has revived the debate on whether the porn industry in the U.S. is legal and whether porn stars should have labor protection.

    The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) led a group of people to gather in front of Larry Flynt's Hustler store Monday in West Hollywood to renew a call for a California "Condoms in Porn" law. The AHF is seeking the introduction of legislation that would mandate the use of condoms for adult video performers as a worker safety provision of California's Labor Code.

    Organizers said the Condoms in Porn law is equal to how the Labor Code currently requires the use of hard hats and other garments and barriers as safety precautions on certain California work sites and locations.

If this law is passed, will Degreeinfo.com posters be required to use condoms when posting there?  After all, Degreeinfo.com is a front for the gay boy pornography operation of Thomas "Chip" White, so shouldn't all safety laws apply to his innocent internet posters as well as his perverted twink tailpipe "models"?    

Or will it just apply to his actual sex industry workers, like moderators Quincy police union goon Bruce Tait and his sidekick Kizmet?  

And if it applies, on which appendages will condoms be required?  Each of the five fingers on any hand using the keyboard, or...elsewhere?  Perhaps it would depend on which particular body part the perverts use to type.

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