Obama CIO Has Fake Degree?
We already knew Obama's Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra was a convicted thief.  That story (stealing shirts at Penny's) came out back in March.

Barack Obama's CIO a Confessed Thief

[Image: vivekkundra1997case.png]

We also knew about the arrest of his lieutenant, Yusuf Acar, on bribery charges.

D.C. Bribery Scheme Unfolded Under Obama Geek's Nose

Now the question is whether Kundra also is lying about his college degrees.  In bios he has claimed a master's degree from "University of Maryland" as well as bachelor's degrees in "psychology and biology."

Blogger John Dvorak attempted to verify Kundra's credentials but ran into a misinformation maelstrom typical of the Obamunist regime and its brown shirts.

Quote:Special Report: Is US Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra a Phony?

This is the sort of question you might ask after trying to actually verify his supposed MS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland, College Park campus. The registrar has no record of it.

It turned out that Kundra's MS was from the University College extension campus across the street (UMUC), not the more prestigious main campus at College Park (UMCP) that most people think of when they see "University of Maryland."  That's why the degree couldn't be verified at UMCP.

Quote:But his degree in biology has yet to appear as his record shows a degree from College Park Campus for Psychology and nothing more.

[Image: vivek1s.jpg]

Which is it, Chief Information Officer?  Either you are too stupid to know that your UMUC degree was not from the same place as your UMCP degree, or you were lying.  

And where's the biology degree?  That still hasn't risen to the surface.  Need the info, CIO.
So it's UMUC not UMCP. It's still UM. At least it's not Northcentral U.
Ben Johnson Wrote:So it's UMUC not UMCP.  It's still UM. 

More like trying to pass off a U of London External System degree as LSE or King's College.  Nothing wrong with an external degree at all, it's a perfectly fine degree, but you aren't fooling anybody who knows better.  (The "University of London" consists of some 31 affiliates.)

Saying you went to "Cal" when you went to UC Riverside is fraud.  True, UC Riverside is part of the UC system, but it is not Cal, it is UC Riverside.  It is a fine school in its own right, but it is not the University of California, just an outlying branch office.

Same with saying you got your degree at "University of Maryland" when you got it at Bowie State.  Yeah, it's part of the system, but it's not the UM.

This Kundra guy is obviously a sociopath.  He does anything he thinks he can get away with, whether it's stealing shirts or lying about his degrees.   All of which makes him perfect for the Obamunist regime.   He won't have any qualms about doing whatever the Dear Leader tells him, without regard to whether it's right or wrong.
Oh, come on...
You know it matters most he had eight ethnicities listed as his own; or that he's another social-communist hack...the rest are minute details good to entertain the haters, the KKK dropouts, the nostalgic of 1920s Alabama and other misfits our great hate legislation will soon hopefully take care of...Instead of jailing poor Africans and Latinos guilty of (often fabricated) trifle such as drive by shooting and rape, cops should concern themselves with the real racist scum out there.
Again, it's 'up yours' this time.
Big GrinBig Grin
The funniest part is that most protesters will probably rally if the same mestizo social-communist hacks ran some 'patriotic' campaign...big brother knows he can count on his 'little Hulkamaniacs'...
Big GrinBig Grin
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
Remember Laura Callahan, the Homeland Security paper shuffler in the Bush administration who had the multiple Hamilton diplomas?

That was daily news, both in the media and the clone boards. Has there been a single word anywhere but here about the Obama geek lying about his biology degree? Nope, not a single word.

Clearly, it's not the degree but who has it (or doesn't) that matters to the socialist Klempner Klones.

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