Them Star Trek Guys Ain't Dumb
Here's a list of various Star Trek cast members and their respective degrees.  None of these was verified with the university registrar (which is what you would want to do in real life if accuracy was important to you).  

Also, this is by no means intended to be a comprehensive list, just what I stumbled across on the internet looking up other things.  So keep in mind that some of these may be just some press agent's fantasizing that ended up in print.  

And there were a few who supposedly "attended" various places and "majored" in various things that I couldn't actually find mention of a degree for, so they weren't included.

William Shatner—Bachelor’s degree in commerce, McGill University (1952).
Leonard Nimoy—Bachelor’s degree, Boston College (1953); MA in education, Antioch College.
Walter Koenig—BA in psychology, UCLA.
George Takei—BA in theater, UCLA (1960); MA in theater, UCLA (1964).
Majel Barrett—BA in Theater Arts, University of Miami.

Jonathan Frakes—BFA Theater Arts, Penn State (1974); MA, Harvard University (1976).
Gates McFadden—BA Theater Arts, Brandeis University (1970).
Dwight Schultz—BA Theater Arts, Towson State University (1969).
Rosalind Chao—BA in journalism, University of Southern California.
John de Lancie—Bachelor’s degree, Kent State University (1971).
Diana Muldaur—Bachelor’s degree, Sweet Briar College (1960).
LeVar Burton— Bachelor’s degree in drama and fine arts, University of Southern California.

Kate Mulgrew—Bachelor’s degree, Clarke College, Dubuque, IA (1976).
Robert Picardo—BA Drama, Yale University.
Roxann Dawson-- BA Dramatic Art, University of California (1980).
Tim Russ—BS Theater Arts, Saint Edwards University.
Ethan Phillips— BA English Literature, Boston University; MFA, Cornell University.
Jeri Ryan—BA in Theatre, Northwestern (1990).
Robert Beltran—BA in Theater Arts, Fresno State.
Armin Shimerman--BA, English (specialization in Shakespeare), UCLA

I would have guessed economics.
Michael Dunn--BA, University of Florida (1956).

[Image: douglas.gif]
Woopsie! Wrong bald midget.

Michael Dunn--BA, University of Florida (1956).

[Image: Michael+Dunn+as+Alexander.jpg]
Avery Brooks--BA and MFA from Rutgers
Just as I suspected.  None of you has a life.  (Not like me. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin)  Here’s some more for you:

René Auberjonois—Bachelor’s degree, Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University).

John Billingsley—bachelor’s degree in theater, Bennington College.

Dominic Keating—Bachelor’s degree in history “with First Class Honours,” University College, London

Anthony Montgomery—Bachelor’s degree in performance theater and drama, Ball State University.

Linda Park—Bachelor of Fine Arts, Boston University.

Connor Trinneer—Bachelor of Fine Arts, Pacific Lutheran University; Master of Fine Arts, University of Missouri–Kansas City

Fred Williamson—Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering, Northwestern (1960).
(Yes, Spearchucker Jones himself.  In "The Cloud Minders" episode of Star Trek TOS, playing "Anka.”  Don’t blink or you’ll miss him.)
Jeffrey Hunter--Bachelor's degree from the school of speech, Northwestern (1949).

John Hoyt--Bachelor's degree, Yale.

William Marshall--Bachelor's degree, Governor's State University.

Louise Fletcher--BA, University of North Carolina (1957).

I call bullshit on Kate Mulgrew.  Her official website shows only an AA from NYU in 1976, no BA.
Martin Eisenstadt Wrote:I call bullshit on Kate Mulgrew.  Her official website shows only an AA from NYU in 1976, no BA.

You are right, ME, she caught me on that one.  "Attended" Clarke College but no degree.

That's why the three paragraphs of disclaimers at the start!  Big Grin
James Doohan, Scotty, was firing phasers on Juno Beach on June 6, 1944 with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles.  No real degrees.  The Milwaukee School of Engineering granted him an honorary degree in engineering.

Quote:At the outbreak of World War II, aged 19, Jimmy Doohan joined the Royal Canadian Artillery, and was eventually commissioned as a lieutenant in the Winnipeg Rifles, 13th Field Regiment, D Company, part of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division sent to England in 1940 for what became years of training in beach assault tactics. His first combat assignment was the invasion of Normandy at Juno Beach on D-Day. Shooting two snipers along the way, Doohan led his unit to higher ground through a field of tank mines and took defensive positions for the night. Crossing between command posts at 11:30 that night, Doohan took six hits from a German machine gun: four in his leg, one in the chest, and one through his middle right finger. The chest bullet was stopped by his silver cigarette case; the shot finger was amputated, and on screen he would generally conceal this. Despite his wounds, Doohan remained in the military, trained as a pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force, and flew an artillery observation plane, though he was once labeled the "craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Forces".

The above bio, which is repeated hundreds of times, says he was an artillery officer and he was wounded 6 times by the Germans.  Other sites say he was infantry, specifically D Company, RWR, and he was wounded by one of his own Bren gunners.

Winnipeg Rifles, 13th Field Regiment, D Company, part of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division makes no sense.  I suspect it should have said "he was a lieutenant in 13th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery and was attached to D Company of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles on 6 June 1944."  Apparently he was a forward observation officer for the artillery who would have spent the bulk of his time with infantry poking his nose in places you really don't want to be. I believe he was actually commanding D Company RWR as it probably lost most of its own officers.
As impressive as Doohan's military service record is, I am even more impressed by the fact that he married his third wife when she was 17, and fathered the last of his 7 kids when he was 80 years old!  As Abe Lincoln said, find out what he's drinking and send all my generals a case.

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