Is Rambo MIA?
We haven't heard from this clown in a while. Damon Rambo tried to stir some shit at d-board and degreedisgusted but disappeared as suddenly as he arrived. Was he for real or was he as full of shit as Gollin and Levicoff?

I hoped that he would show up here so we could set him straight. His degree program at SATS is okay, it is middle of the road but not something that would cause me to talk a lotta shit about.
These bible thumpers do that as part of their 'mission' of winning as many souls they can for their lord. Over (a short) time they usually move on...besides, the degenerates at degreeinfo/discussion are poor material to work with. Degreeboard is much better, but again, not a site for preachers. Furthermore, seen/heard one of these 'saved' men, you've seen/heard all.
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