"Nurse of the Year" Had No Need For Mills
How often do we see some self-appointed "expert" claim that unaccredited schools must be crushed because people with bogus medical degrees might kill somebody?  Of course it's a stupid argument that only fools congressmemberpersons and similar retrograde intellects.   Medical professions are licensed and heavily regulated by our overseers, so no milled degree is going to get you into the operating room unless you are the patient.

Here's a great example of how the well-motivated mental case can create havoc in the health care professions, without need of a bogus diploma vendor:

Slight Problems Found With "Nurse of the Year" Award

Quote:Here is a short list of the potential problems that authorities recently alleged in connection with Betty Lichtenstein's "Nurse of the Year" award, which she received in 2008:
  • She isn't a nurse.

Wait, I found a few more:
  • She was working at a doctor's office at the time, falsely claiming to be an RN.
  • She was doing things real nurses do, like give injections, without a license.
  • She received the award from the Connecticut Nursing Association.
  • There is no "Connecticut Nursing Association."
  • Lichtenstein staged the dinner at which she received the award.
  • She invited forty people to the fake award dinner, including patients and other staff.
  • She asked the doctor she worked for to be the keynote speaker.
  • She was arrested in May for trying to buy drugs with a forged prescription.
  • She used a slip from her boss's office to do it.
Oh, and "Lichtenstein" isn't her real name.

I think that mostly covers it.

Link: Hartford Courant
Don Dresden Wrote:Here's a great example of how the well-motivated mental case can create havoc in the health care professions, without need of a bogus diploma vendor:

Didn't these criminals get the memo?  Don't they realize they are proving how nonsensical all the hysterical comments about fake doctors with fake degrees are?  Don't they know they are embarrassing the genius cartel shills Gollum and Klempner?  

Listen, you criminals, get with the program!  Start buying fake degrees so when you get caught illegally practicing medicine the charlatans can hold you out as a reason why all unaccredited schools should be closed.  

And if you are going to sell fake cancer cures, ask gay boy pornographer and quack coffee enema vendor Chip White the correct way to avoid criminal prosecution.  Hint:  ¿Habla Español?

Fake doc charged after claiming cure to cancer

Quote:The Associated Press
Posted: 09/25/2009 11:26:31 AM PDT
Updated: 09/25/2009 11:26:31 AM PDT

SANTA ANA, Calif.—Orange County prosecutors have charged a Las Vegas man with multiple felony counts after he allegedly claimed he could cure cancer, AIDS and heart failure with vitamins and urged patients to stop chemotherapy.

Daryn Peterson was arrested Thursday on charges of unauthorized practice of medicine, operating an HMO without a license, treating cancer without a license and offering an unapproved drug for cancer treatment.

Prosecutors say they launched an investigation into Peterson after an article on his practice appeared in The Orange County Register in June.

The 37-year-old Peterson, who was being held on $20,000 bail, is not licensed by the Medical Board of California.

He has not made an initial court appearance and it wasn't clear Friday if Peterson had retained an attorney.
That is another potential Ward Churchill scene.
Imagine gay teen porn king Thomas Chip White (owner of degreeinfo) one day crosses some unspoken boundary...
Won't big brother remark how he has no university degree?
Won't big brother write down he credited himself with "training physicians" in an unproven and alternative cancer therapy?
Don't you think you can find at least one family in which cancer killed some mr. Smith who had been following the Gerson therapy?
Don't you think a skilled lawyer could hold the Gerson cult and Thomas Chip White accountable for poor mr. Smith's death, for he might have been saved with conventional long term therapies?
Got the idea?
But I'm not sure going to prison would be that bad for Thomas Chip White...it just might turn into a 24-7 modelling session in the showers with all those nasty tatooed thugs of color eager to get to know him better.
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