Crotch Bomber Studied At Australian Uni
Who is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab?
Quote:In the wake of the attempted terrorist attack of a Northwest flight on Christmas day, a profile of the suspect, 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, is beginning to emerge. Here, a timeline of the Abdulmutallab's life, as collected from media reports:
2005: Abdulmutallab enrolls at University College London — one of Britain's elite universities — for his undergraduate studies.

2007: The U.S. National Counterterrorism Center adds Abdulmutallab to the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment list, which includes 500,000 individuals with suspected ties to known terrorists or terrorist organizations. His name is not added to the "no-fly" list.

Spring 2008: Abdulmutallab graduates from University College London with a degree in mechanical engineering.

June 2008: The U.S. embassy in London grants Abdulmutallab a long-term, multi-entry tourist visa. Shortly after receiving the visa, he travels to Houston, Texas.

May 2009: Due to increased scrutiny of foreign students, British authorities deny Abulmutallab entry to the U.K. because the course of study cited on his application is judged to be "bogus."

May 2009: Abdulmutallab goes to Dubai instead on a student visa, where he studies for a master's degree at a satellite campus of an Australian university. He reportedly stays in Dubai for two-and-a-half months before "disappearing."

Fall 2009: Abdulmutallab tells his family in a text message that he wants to go to Yemen to study Arabic and Sharia law. His parents plead with him to finish his degree in Dubai, where he is expected to graduate in December. Abdulmutallab tells his family he no longer wants any contact with them.

November 2009: After threatening to cut off his son financially, Abdulamutallab's father, Nigerian banker Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, tells American and Nigerian officials that his son may have been recently "radicalized" during his travels, adding that he went to Yemen to participate in "some kind of jihad." ...

Britain Rejected Visa Renewal for Suspect
Quote:...Mr. Johnson gave no reason for suggesting that Mr. Abdulmutallab might have had accomplices. But he noted that Scotland Yard and Britain’s security services were investigating whether the suspect’s Islamic beliefs were radicalized while he was a mechanical engineering student from 2005 to 2008 at University College London, one of Britain’s elite academic institutions.

Mr. Johnson said Mr. Abdulmutallab’s application to renew his student visa was rejected in May after officials had determined that the academic course he gave as his reason for returning to Britain was fake. The secretary said the suspect was then placed on the watch list, a procedure that would normally involve informing American authorities of the action Britain had taken.

Abdulmutallab Spent 2 ½ Months in Dubai
Quote:ABU DHABI -- Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian accused of attempting to detonate an explosive aboard a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day, spent about 2 ½ months in Dubai on a student visa, starting in May 2009, according to an official here familiar with the situation.

Mr. Abdulmutallab enrolled in a master's degree program at the Dubai campus of the University of Wollongong of New South Wales, Australia, said the official, who is familiar with the man's immigration status. His enrollment at the school was previously reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The school is one of many foreign universities that have set up branch campuses in Persian Gulf states to attract foreign students to their programs.

During his brief stay, Mr. Abdulmutallab didn't exhibit any signs of radicalism, according to this official.

The school, like all universities based here, offers visa support to foreign students. The Web site for the Dubai campus of Wollongong says master's degree courses range in cost from about $18,000 to $25,000 for a degree. Student visas are renewable as long as students are certifiably registered and enrollment is complete, according to the Web site.

The official familiar with the situation said that the Nigerian attended classes at the university's campus, part of a sprawling set of low-rise buildings populated by a mix of Arab, Russian- and Iranian-speaking students, and acted like "a normal student" during his stint in Dubai. It's unclear what degree he was pursuing.

The Dubai campus offers nine post-graduate programs, most of which focus on business administration, finance and management.

After about a 2 ½ month stay in Dubai, the young man "disappeared," and never returned to the U.A.E., the official said. "There was nothing at all suspicious about him. He was a normal student, going to classes, and then all of a sudden he disappeared ... and never came back" to the U.A.E., the official said.

An official at the Dubai campus Monday said the school doesn't release any information about its students, and referred questions to the Dubai police. A security-services official declined to comment.
If Hitler could do it, why not big brother?
Remember the German Kaiser himself approved Lenin's repatriation and Germany funded Bolsheviks heavily.
It takes nothing to let a suspect off the leash, helping him to find open doors, bust him to revive the great scare that will allow big brother to repress all little hulksters.
When big brother infiltrated the KKK and bought insiders with money, there are reports detailing how these squealers and snitches took part in some of the few real KKK murders targeting Jewish & African activists.
Big brother as well tried repeatedly to lure KKK members into committing violence against opponents.
An informer paid by the government who takes part in a murder in order to make a phone call later so that big brother can have its next newspaper scare?!
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
Crikey! Those Nigerian crotch bombers really pack a wallop!
As long as they keep strip searching nuns, the world is a safe place. Apparently the jackass didn't have any luggage, didn't even have a passport, and had a bomb. He was on the big lookout list and had a name that fit the profile. Give me a break. Where are all the good rent-a-cops? At the malls? They were probably strip searching a nun when he went through.
In the 1970s in Italy bombs were placed on trains, in railway stations etc killing dozens. Of course big brother and its cohort of servile journalists blamed it alternatively on red or black "brigades". Which was probably a joke, because "black brigades" used to be Fascist militant squads during 1944-45. Then Fascist party secretary Pavolini thought to imitate Trotsky and his idea of political party in arms...Trotsky in turn had wanted to imitate French revolutionary, jacobin idea of nation in arms.
While many extremists were present, overwhelmingly on the far left, the so-called political far right showed only one very small party (mostly wops trying to secure welfare and state subsidies) that had back in time been set up with the intervention of western secret services. Red extremists were well supplied from Moscow.

Was it then the hand of Moscow or Washington behind the bombing?
It was later ascertained by countless committees and investigation how  no other than the Italian secret services had been behind it all, with lefty extremists playing on the surface.

Big brother then minimized claiming that it was just a "rogue" minority within the secret services, probably run in the absurd climate of Gladio and other militia schemes run by Washington.

Quote:Where are all the good rent-a-cops? At the malls?

Didn't you know hate crimes are on the rise?
They were probably busy posting on that neonazi website to entrap them...
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
ham Wrote:It was later ascertained by countless committees and investigation how  no other than the Italian secret services had been behind it all, with lefty extremists playing on the surface.

Do you mean like the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was instrumental in founding this group.

At the time they were so worried about white supremicists that they ignored reports of a planned bombing of an Air India plane that proportionally was a bigger disaster for Canada than 9/11 was to the US. They then destroyed much of the evidence they collected so the only convictions they got were on minor charges. Mind you, I'm sure they have millions of documents concerning some good old boys drinking beer and cursing about minorities.

We all know the reason CSIS didn't take the Air India threat seriously, because the people had brown skins.
By Ezra Levant, activist and neoconservative of Jewish background.
Quote:Why did the Jewish Congress build up the Nazi Party?

In my book, Shakedown, I briefly mention the bizarre history of Canadian "human rights" organizations propping up anti-Semitic groups -- including that the Canadian Jewish Congress helped build up the "Canadian Nazi Party" in the 1960s.
In 1965 and 1966, the Canadian Jewish Congress helped organize the fledgling Canadian Nazi Party. That sounds crazy, but it's true, and I wrote about it in Shakedown, my new book about Canada's human rights commissions.

In a letter to the editor in the Citizen last week, the CJC's current co-president, Rabbi Reuven Bulka, called my book's description of the CJC's role "fiction." He said all the CJC did for the Nazis was buy them a bottle of rum.

It's true that the CJC did buy drinks for Nazis in the 1960s. That's pretty strange in itself, and I'd like to hear more of Rabbi Bulka's thoughts on spending Jewish charitable donations that way. But the CJC did a lot more than that: they hired an ex-cop named John Garrity to go to work for the Canadian Nazi Party.

Garrity helped organize that rag-tag band of losers, though they never amounted to anything except for fodder for the press.

There were only a dozen active Nazis when Garrity joined them and they weren't really a political party. He called them "harmless misfits," and they were -- their leader, John Beattie, was a nervous, gaunt, unemployed 24-year-old clerk who spent much of his time dodging angry Jews who tried to beat him up. (One of Garrity's jobs was to help Beattie escape street fights.)

Garrity brought more than just rum to the Nazis. He brought with him pretty much the only organizational talent the group had. They put him in charge of membership. Garrity called himself the "Heinrich Himmler" of the party, and a "Nazi leader for the Jewish Congress."

I'd like Rabbi Bulka's thoughts on that, too.

Of course, Garrity helped his paymasters at the CJC, too, giving them information about the names of party members and donors. And when Garrity finally quit the Nazis, he wrote a tell-all about his adventure in Maclean's magazine.

Garrity larded that report with personal insults toward Beattie and the Nazis. But he did acknowledge that they had never done, or even contemplated doing, anything illegal. All of the violence he witnessed was directed at Beattie, usually by Jewish vigilantes. "Sadly, it is the ... anti-Nazi extremists who, in their attempts to destroy Beattie, provide him with most of the publicity he craves. If it weren't for the riots and the assaults and the public protest meetings they hold, there'd be no real news in Beattie," Garrity wrote.

And that is the importance of this story and why I put it in my book about human rights commissions. Beattie hadn't done anything illegal. He was just a loser who believed in a discredited ideology. But the CJC wanted to bring in political censorship laws and I believe they needed to build up the threat to persuade Parliament to abridge Canada's freedom of speech.

Garrity puffed up a group of Nazi nobodies into a national menace, first through organizational support and then through spectacular media publicity. And, sure enough, Parliament enacted section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which censors offensive speech.

That's become a pattern. Twenty years after the Canadian Nazi Party vanished, CSIS, Canada's spy agency, inserted an operative named Grant Bristow into another rag-tag racist group called the Heritage Front.

Unlike Garrity, Bristow didn't play second-fiddle.

He became the boss, turning the Heritage Front into Canada's leading white supremacist group. This time it wasn't just Jewish money that was spent propping up neo-Nazis -- all taxpayers paid for it.

Which brings us to the present day -- and back to Rabbi Bulka and the section 13 censorship law. Canada's largest customer of section 13 is Richard Warman, who has been the complainant in all but two cases heard by the tribunal this decade. The CJC was so impressed that they gave Warman an award.

But, in a stunning human rights tribunal ruling last month, Warman himself was rebuked for posting anti-Semitic comments on Stormfront, a neo-Nazi website, including a message calling Jews "scum." Warman has stated that he was attempting to gather information on real Nazis, but the tribunal called his actions "disappointing and disturbing," and ruled that he risked encouraging more hateful messages himself.

Warman's actions appalled the tribunal, but apparently not the CJC. Just as the CJC did with Garrity, Nazi opponents continue to stir up neo-Nazi incidents -- as if there aren't enough real threats to Jews as it is.

Perhaps Rabbi Bulka can explain that one, too.

I'm pleased that the Citizen gave me so much room to reply. In doing my research I found out a lot more about the CJC's role in building up the Nazi Party -- one of the craziest stories I've ever come across. I think it's fascinating from so many angles: politically; religiously; legally; historically. It really is stranger than fiction. I think there's enough material there to form an entire book in itself -- especially when added to the CJC's discreditable conduct in the Grant Bristow affair, and their ongoing, unseemly relationship with Stormfront member Richard Warman. Incredibly, the CJC still stands by Warman even after the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal condemned him for his anti-Semitic propaganda. You'd think that would be something the Jewish Congress might care about.

My only quibble with the Citizen is with the headline they put over the op-ed: "Neo-Nazis are best simply ignored". I don't believe that and that's not the message of my op-ed. It's a false dichotomy to set up the only two alternatives as "ignoring" Nazis, or doing what the CJC does (building them up, then getting the government to prosecute them). I think there are plenty of other options, such as rebutting and debating neo-Nazis, campaigning against them, teaching against them, politicking against them, etc. That takes more work than the lazy CJC would do -- they're too busy campaigning against global warming.

Now you'll find on his site mentions of how dangerous the world is for Jews and a critique of some groups of "bigots" dabbling in the unfair criticism of victimized Israel...hardly a Nazi, I'd say.
Still, that is what he wrote in his book.
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
Wow! Talk about setting up a straw man to beat down. Twice. In case anyone hadn't noticed Canada is pretty much devoid of organized racists. If you need a racist enemy, create your own, hell create two while you're at it.

The Jerusalem Post reports on the controversy.
Although they HAVE TO keep Levant at bay and make Jewish groups look either uninvolved or misguided but well-meaning, the article correctly mentions the role Jewish groups played by proxy through the agitator Garrity (who detailed his own stint in a 1966 Macleans article) on their payroll.
The article mentions how Garrity repeatedly spent money on "Nazis" Big GrinRolleyes buying food, grocery, car-pooling and offering other assistance.
Garrity's pay he received from Jewish groups is estimated
Quote:According to Garrity, he was hired in September 1965 and the most he was ever paid was $200 a month. Assuming he worked for CJC up until his article was published in McLean's, he was in their employ for 13 months.

"If Garrity was paid by CJC $200 per month for 13 months in 1965-1966," Levant points out, "that's $2,600 in fees... That's about $17,000 in 2009 money, plus disbursements... I'd like to know if the [CJC] donors involved knew what their money was going to."

Garrity's own article titles "my SIXTEEN months", not 13...
Levant is merciless:

Quote:I don't get it. I think it's because, when combined with the CJC's current and ongoing support for members of Nazi organizations -- such as Richard Warman, a member of at least two Nazi organizations, who has published hundreds of anti-Semitic comments online -- it starts to add up to a pattern. In other words, the CJC's Nazi fetish wasn't some ill-advised lark in the 1960s. It's a continuing strategy, that goes on to this day.

Garrity's 1966 article.
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
Obama's Second Major Terror Failure in Two Months
Quote:December 29, 2009
By James Lewis

Luck was with us on Northwest flight 253. Dumb luck.

This terror attack could easily have been averted but for the Aloha, baby! attitude of the Obumblers regarding domestic terrorism. At Fort Hood last month, a couple of cops finally brought down an Islamofascist killer after he murdered twelve soldiers and left thirty wounded on the tarmac. On Flight 253 to Detroit it happened to be an alert Dutch filmmaker who jumped the would-be bomber when his pants started to burn. But the bomb was an ingredient of Semtex, and he was trying to inject a liquid detonator that could have blown up the Airbus A 330 with 278 people on board.  

After a  known Islamic radical psychiatrist shot more than forty unarmed American military personnel at Forth Hood last month, this is the second easily preventable failure of the Obama administration to protect the country against domestic terrorism. Obama has let down our guard, and al-Qaida's got his number.

Under the reign of political correctness, anti-terror policy comes down to this: You can't profile terrorists -- certainly not by their African origins, by their  known history of Islamist radicalism, or by their Muslim names. So you have to have "everybody's a suspect" rules, in which midwestern grandmas are treated the same as Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, who just barely failed to bring down Northwest 253.

Mutallab spent two years as an engineering student at University College London, a known center for Islamist recruitment. Engineering students know enough to make a bomb. The Brits suffer from the dreaded mental illness of political correctness like a pustulating skin outbreak. But even the PC-whipped Brits managed to keep Mutallab out of their country after he lied on a visa application.

OK, suppose we handicap ourselves with political correctness. Even then, a couple of net-surfers sitting at home in their pajamas could do a heck of a lot better than Homeland Security (not to mention Amsterdam Airport Security) did in this case.

Within twenty-four hours of the failed bombing, we know that Amsterdam's boarding security failed to detect the known ingredient of Semtex, the most popular bomb-making material for the last three decades. Mutallab carried a shampoo-bottle-sized plastic container of gelled explosive -- just the reason why nobody is allowed to carry plastic bottles on board anymore. He had it taped to his inner thigh, and apparently we don't have procedures to detect an elementary deception like that. Kids in middle school know about that one.

Furthermore, Homeland Security failed to place Mutallab on the United States No Fly List in spite of the fact that

a. "... the suspect, Abdulfarouk Umar Muttalab who is an engineering student at the University College, London had been noted for his extreme views on religion since his secondary school days at the British International School, Lome, Togo."

b. "Abdulmutallab was quoted in a US federal security bulletin to have admitted having extremist ties and said the explosive device 'was acquired in Yemen along with instructions as to when it should be used'."

c. Mutallab was reported by his father, a wealthy Nigerian businessman and former Minister of Economics who lives in London named Dr. Alhaji Umaru Mutallab. "Four weeks ago Abdulmutallab's father told the U.S. embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, that he was concerned about his son's religious beliefs. This information was passed on to U.S. intelligence officials."

d. "Police know that the KLM ticket that Abdulmutallab travelled on was purchased on 16 December, with cash, in Nigeria. The departure airport was changed from Accra to Lagos shortly afterwards. When he took his window seat, number 19A, he had only one piece of hand luggage and none in the hold -- unusual for someone who was allegedly planning a two-week stay in Detroit." He wasn't planning to live that long, it seems.

e. Mutallab was on a half-million-person U.S. terror database "but was not considered an immediate threat. His name was absent from 'no-fly' lists." The "no-fly list" has only four thousand people, so less than 1% of the people in the U.S. terror database are actually stopped from flying to the United States. The other half million are welcome. Makes you feel a lot better, right?  

f. "After graduating, Abdulmutallab tried to return to Britain but his visa request was refused. He applied to return for a six-month course, but was barred by the U.K. Border Agency which judged that the college he applied to was 'not genuine'."

OK, that's enough.

Pretend we're Googling to predict the next plane bomber. We have five facts (all politically correct ones): (a) An engineering student at a known center of terrorist recruitment (b) who is red-flagged on a U.S. security bulletin because of his connection to the terrorist hotspot of Yemen, (c ) reported by his Nigerian father for extremist Islamist beliefs, (d) bought a plane ticket with cash in Nigeria and brought only a carry-on for a two-week stay in Detroit -- also a known hub of Islamist agitation. Oh, and (e) he was barred from Britain because he lied on his visa application

We know all that just twenty-four hours after Flight 253 almost went down thanks to the fast action of an alert passenger.  

Do you suppose that somebody at Google could set up a database search that could red-flag this guy before he boarded that plane?  

If Google can't do it, then I'll bet that American Thinker readers can. It's a no-brainer.

Had the bomber-to-be been flagged in Amsterdam, a body search would have revealed the bomb. Had Homeland Security been on the job, the Airbus crew would have known there was a suspect on board. This guy acted suspicious on board. "[ I]nterviews with the passengers and crew of Flight 253 revealed that before the incident Abdulmutallab went to the aircraft's bathroom for approximately 20 minutes."

He could have blown himself up in that bathroom in two minutes. He had twenty. My guess is that he was too freaked to do it then. But that's a guess after the fact, which doesn't count.

We lucked out this time. Pure, dumb luck.

That makes two serious terrorist incidents in Obama's first year in office. Both were easily preventable with commonsense security. We know the Fort Hood terrorist was protected by politically correct insanity in the U.S. military under Obama. We know that Mutallab wasn't stopped from flying, even after his father warned the U.S. that he was dangerous. This guy perfectly fits the terrorist profile in terms of age, religion, radicalism, country of origin, engineering skills, lying on his visa application, use of cash, and even reported links to Yemen.

Notice that Obama is now staying out of sight. He knows he's blown it bad twice in a row. One more, and the American people might start figuring it out, in spite of all the media efforts to cover it up. But the third time, we might be out of luck.

This is completely nuts. The big question is whether we as a nation are now too wimped out to defend ourselves. So far, the answer is yes.

Somebody has to act, and now.

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