Arnold Schwarzenegger, a diploma mill graduate?

"waived residency requirements"

"external studies"

"took some exams"

"life experience credits"

"finished his degree in less then a year"

Quote:the B-movie "Hercules in New York," in which his accented voice was dubbed.

In the version I have, it is not dubbed.
Also, I couldn't look it up now, but I have 2 of Arnold's books in the 1970s edition and it didn't sound like the article says.
However, to my knowledge Arnold never pretended to be an academic or an expert in academic fields.
Did he earn an hodgepodge of credits?
So am I.
As long as the school is accredited.

Quote:bachelor's degree in international marketing of fitness and business administration

Well...can you say the designation is undeserved?
Arnold has been one of the top sportsmen of all times in his field; he wasn't just another Rufus Neghro who plays football a couple years, people go crazy about it and in ten years Rufus is parking cars at Holiday Inn and nobody remembers him any longer.
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
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M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
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Ph.D Millard Fillmore
Quote:Schwarzenegger, the Times article notes, was within striking distance of a degree after earning a "hodgepodge of college credits" in the early 1970s, mostly at Santa Monica College and in UCLA's extension program.

"Hodgepodge of college credits" is pretty much the definition of everyone's two years of undergrad general ed requirements.  I wonder if he had gone to Canada or the UK if he couldn't have picked up a 3-year bachelor's degree for less trouble.

Quote:[A]fter Schwarzenegger accepted a position at UW-Superior as a "cooperating faculty member," administrators could then waive residency requirements so he could participate in the university's fledgling "extended degree" program...

Is a "cooperating faculty member" the same as marrying a trustee's homely daughter?  Hey, it works at UIUC, why not at UW-Superior?  If it had been Illinois he might be Dr. Arnold by now.

Quote:...Schwarzenegger -- a native of Austria and a six-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder -- arrived at UW-Superior in 1979 when he was 31 years old.

Give Arnold some credit here.  How many guys 31 manage to finish off a degree, even with a little help from the admin?  It's not like he needed the degree to get a raise down at the factory.  This is a guy who saw the value of education (or at least, the appearance of education).  Just as he saw the value of steroids.  A little bit goes a long way.
Richard Coleman Douglas Wrote:You'd be surprised what you can arrange if you press with the right people in the right manner.
Gray Davis graduated from Stanford and Columbia and he was the biggest dipshit that ever occupied the Governors office in Cali.

Education does not necessarily make you smarter, just gives you more pieces of paper to hang in your office.

I would add that Abe Lincoln never graduated grade school, nor did Thomas Edison. Clarence Darrow never attended Law School.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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