"Detecting Bogus Qualifications Has Never Been So Easy"
Or so they say at Accredibase, a new UK-based service:

Quote:At a time when unaccredited educational establishments, diploma mills and unrecognised accrediting agencies are on the rise, Accredibase™ offers you an invaluable new resource.

This searchable global database brings together powerful information on bogus institutions from a variety of sources.

The aim? To help employers, educators and background screening companies secure only the best candidates with bona fide qualifications.

Sounds like it might be a helpful idea.  But wait, what's this??
Quote:6. How can you be sure that the information you’re providing is accurate?

We endeavour to ensure that the information held on Accredibase™ is accurate, and we have a team of researchers constantly checking and enriching the facts. However, as each profile is also built from a variety of third-party sources, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information it holds.

And how is this is any different from the ODA website or anything George Gollin picks out of his ass?  How about just actual facts for a change, without all the "enriching"?  
That website seems to be defining a Diploma Mill as a institution which requires "little or no" work from its students before issuing a degree.

Well, they'd better add the regionally accredited Excelsior College onto that list of diploma mills. A place where students can earn a degree in under three hours.

I guess its a mill only if Gollin or Bear says it is.

I am surpirsed that none of these idiots ever considered entering Government. I think that spinning the truth would be right up their ally.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Virtual Bison Wrote:I guess its a mill only if Gollin or Bear says it is.

Is that the same Bear that invented Diploma Mills???????????????

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