Hypocrisy in Action
Gay boy pornmeister and pervert pandering puke Thomas "Chip" White claims he can't fathom the "personal/ad hominem attacks" on the DL boards.

Of course, not by him and or his cabal of fellow deviants and socialist retards.  Oh no, it's those nasty "mill operators" who have been doing it.    

Quote:In reflecting on this, I'm sure that I've been occasionally guilty of an ad hominem attack on somebody, but usually it's people like mill operators who use circular logic, blatant lies, or other deceit and misdirection to make their case, and then go into a shuck-and-jive routine when called on it.

What about situations where the integrity of the poster (or lack thereof) is central to the argument the poster is making, and, therefore, a focus on the poster's integrity becomes at least somewhat relevant to the discussion? Would that fall under ad hominem, and in terms of argumentation, is raising such issues appropriate?

As we have seen since its inception, at Debris Inflow there is one set of rules for the Klempner Klone Kadre and an entirely different one for anyone who dares to disagree with them.  Non-believers of their simple-minded "RA or No Way" dogma are attacked, insulted, abused, threatened and stalked, and if they stand up for themselves they are banned for bogus TOS violations.  It has always been a rigged game and Thomas "Chip" White, the gay boy porn peddler and pedophile-pandering pervert, is the ring master.

The sodomite coffee-enema quack doesn't seem to understand that he is the problem, not the solution.  As long as decent people are going to be attacked by a gang of reprobates just for speaking out in favor of free choice in education and against the wealthy higher ed cartel, he is going to continue to be the problem.  

The fact is that Thomas "Chip" White has no credibility whatsoever in distance learning or higher education, and so he wants everybody who notices that fact to shut up.  He wishes people would ignore the prurient details of his own sordid existence.  Do people really want a little cockroach who makes his living selling gay boy videos to perverts telling them what they can or can't do in any facet of their lives, let alone something as important as their education?  Keep shining the light on him and watch him scurry back to his toelicker cesspool.
Is that the scumbag who films gay teen fairies cramming the entire living room up their love hole and advertises his stuff, all the 70+ gay teen porn DVDs he produced, in very graphic terms on queer boards?
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White deliberately provided the very medium to faciliate, create, and serve not only the scum that lurk in its dark shadows but the scum and vile they spew.  But the joke was on them all along.  It was a great day when they all found out they were all standing on the sands of gay child pornography and all benefited from its proceeds and medium to spew their vile.  Whether they like it or not, their hands are very very dirty.
D00bie Wrote:Whether they like it or not, their hands are very very dirty.

Not just their hands, they are covered head to toe in filth.  

Funny who chimes in on the topic: John Bear, Rich Douglas, Bill Dayson and that little suckup Anthony Pinata.  Some of the very (in the apt and colorful words of Oxpecker) "swarming assholes" who created the "ad hominem" problem in the first place.

Each and every one of them, knowing full well that degreeinfo is a front for Chip's gay boy porn operation, continues directly or indirectly to support Chip's pedophile-pandering pervert enterprises.  Each and every one of them trying to advance their own interests and promote themselves as "experts," yet not giving a damn about the damage done to innocents by degenerates.

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