Randall Flagg Wrote:I do know a lot about Greenwich and IIAS. He was living in Nashville, Tennessee, while his wife finished up her Ph.D. at Vanderbilt. Bear operated some of his home businesses from their apartment in Nashville, and he also did his work as the (Full-Time) president of IIAS from that apartment. Apparently that full-time job required very little time and effort. Bear intended to move IIAS to Birmingham, Alabama and let Jim Campbell run it for him, but, Jim died of cancer.  Note the Alabama idea. A state that Bear has ridiculed often but it was good enough to use for IIAS. Just as Louisiana was good enough for Fairfax, and Hawaii was good enough for both Bear schools, IIAS / Greenwich. Bear would have us believe he moved to Hawaii to start Greenwich with not the slightest idea that Hawaii did not have any laws concerning unaccredited DL schools, sure. Bear likes to say that Knightsbridge is not recognized by Denmark and operates as self-evaluating, true, but, so did Greenwich. Greenwich and IIAS operated from a small building, 10,000 sq. ft., but, it only occupied 1/2 of the top floor. So two universities operated from about 2500 sq. ft., or 1250 sq. ft. each. I'm told that Greenwich did have a nice big sign out front, and John assures us that makes a big difference.   Rolleyes
You might be interested in this bit of information, Neil. We knew Bear had agreed to be on Douglas's committee at Union, twice, and at MIGS, but he also was to have been on Douglas's committee at Capella, but that didn't work out either. That has got to be the most aired out dissertation in recent times.

This is all really quite incredible, particularly after JB recently approached the Danish news media with a report that KU operated from a private home. More so after he had previously been informed quite specifically by the Danish Education Department that KU was operating legally in Denmark.
In New Zealand numerous business operations function from private homes - lawyers, architects, dentists, physiotherapists, doctors, engineers, surveyors, veterinary surgeons, specialists of all sorts, etc. In fact in one street in Henderson, Auckland, NZ, every private home has been converted to a business - of course, with appropriate business sign outside.
And, in respect of Douglas - at one time he claimed he didn't know JB prior to his PhD 'research'! YEAH RIGHT!
He had known Bear for almost 20 years when his dissertation was approved by his 2nd dissertation committee at Union. You see his first committe ceased to exist when he dropped out and moved his work (and himself) to MIGS.  You can't have two active committees at two different schools, both trying to evaluate the same work at the same time.  

Not even Bear would try to claim that he was on two committees for Rich at the same time, or at least I don't think he would be so bold and ignorant.

But it is a fact that Bear made it very plain that he intended to follow Rich to any school he could get admission to. Bear even agreed to be on a Capella committee for Rich but that, like MIGS, fell through. Bear intended to see that Rich got a Ph.D., come what may, and he did. He guaranteed the money, served on the committees, and did all that was required to see that the doctorate was obtained.
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