Patriot Bible University - Not a Diploma Mill
People have been alleging that Patriot Bible University is a "Diploma Mill," but I beg to differ.

Kent Hovind, the young earth creationist, wrote a doctoral dissertation on young earth creationism for Patriot Bible University. While very humorous to read, it's quite lengthy, about a hundred pages. Everyone I've shown it to seems to glaze over and say "too long; didn't read".

Thus, as they require a significant amount of work to obtain a credential, one must conclude that Patriot Bible University is NOT a Diploma Mill.

Hovind didn't even need to co-author with 16 other people, either.
RespectableGent Wrote:People have been alleging that Patriot Bible University is a "Diploma Mill," but I beg to differ.

Link to university website:

The "people" attacking the school look like the typical anti-Christian bigots and perverts that populate secular socialist sewers like Wikipedo and DI.  
It also seems that Patriot Bible University offers courses in bible study, which is another plus. Students are actually getting a bible education.

What kind of biblical or moral education are students getting at the University of Illinois under the instruction of George Gollin?
Is R. Ray Hill involved with Patriot Bible University in any capacity? We haven't heard from him in a while and Patriot Bible University sounds like it is perfectly aligned with RRH's interests.

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