Why are y'all intimidated?
And Gus is wrong if he thinks people are required to show his whole damn threads. Parts can be shown, as you have mentioned, if they are quoted as it is written, not chopped up, and Gus gets his forum mentioned as the source.

In other words people can show one paragraph of something without having to show an entire chapter, and Gus doesn't get to decide just how much you use, you do.

There is certainly nothing to prevent someone from commenting on the material (after) it is shown. Such as "This shows Gus doesn't know what he is talking about" or other such little descriptions.

The main thing is that you can't change the wording or fail to give credit, and why exactly would any sensible person try to claim the ignorant things those guys say? It would be like claiming to be a serial moron.
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Randall Flagg Wrote:Any person living in the United States can claim the right to copyright something, but that is about all it would ever be, a claim. People quote from there DD/DI, here and everywhere as they wish. Gus, as usual, is just bullshitting everyone. He is trying to keep people from repeating their garbage and saying it is garbage. If he wants to stop people from using material from his web site he would have to show that it is in some way unique and of value. And that other people using it would be detrimental in some way to him. What they are doing is gossiping at a discussion forum, nothing more. Copyright material, nonsense!!

then it shouldn't a public forum, but a restricted forum by invitation only (EG an internal forum where employees of a company discuss certain issues ).
Any dog & his pal can register, so I really don't see where the problem is.
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I would expect the person actually writing the words might have something to say about what gets quoted also.  Or what if I say the same thing at two different forums. Do both forum owners get to say they each have rights to my words? People are just talking in print at the forums, not writing "War and Peace."  Gus is full of shi*, as usual.
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